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The Soap Online and SOAP:The Alternate Reality Contest

Welcome to the first joint Soap Online and SOAP: The Alternate Reality contest!

Here's how it works! Starting January 12, 2002, whenever a new episode of Soap Online is posted, all you have to do is read it, then send me an e-mail at In your e-mail you have to include a short opinion about the direction the storyline is going, as well as your NAME.

Make sure to include your name in your e-mail, because here's the contest part of it: Julie Martin, a character on SOAP: The Alternate Reality, is pregnant and due anytime. The child's name hasn't been determined yet. So, here's your chance to be famous. Your name could be the name of the new Martin child! So that's why you should give me your name when you e-mail me. That way your name will be entered into the draw to determine the child's first and middle names.

This works with every new episode I post starting January 12, 2002, as well as with episodes that will be posted on SOAP: The Alternate Reality. The more e-mails you send me with your opinions and name, the more times your name will be entered into the draw and the better your chances will be!
Feel free to e-mail me with questions. Best of luck to everyone!