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Elad Benari

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Billy told Jessica that he loves Leslie. Jessica didn't love the idea, but she allowed Billy to invite Leslie to Thanksgiving dinner. During the dinner, there was no love loss between the Tates and the Campbells, and as usual a food fight broke out. Saunders, who'd love to see Benson dead, tried to kill him again but wasn't successful. Jodie and Maggie introduced Wendy to Maggie's nephew, Mike. Mike told Wendy he'd love to go out with her, and although Wendy wasn't in love with idea, she told Mike she'd love to. Meanwhile, Maggie and Jodie confessed their love to each other. And Dutch told Corinne and Eunice he'd love to be out of jail, and Eunice and Corinne would love the idea, so they both told Dutch they loved him, and then went to find the real killer. But unfortunately someone would love to find out what Eunice and Corinne are up to, and has started to follow them.

Love to find out what happens next? Just stay tuned for this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Campbell House
<Wendy and Mike walk into the Campbell house. Wendy walks in first and Mike follows. He closes the door.>

 Mike: Well, here we are.

 Wendy: Yeah.

 <There's a moment of silence.>

 Wendy: I really had a wonderful time.

 Mike: Me too.

 Wendy: That's good.

 Mike: Well, I'd better go.

 Wendy: Yeah, it's getting late.

 Mike: Yeah.

 <Mike turns to leave.>

 Wendy: Mike?

 <Mike turns around.>

 Mike: Yeah?

Wendy: Well, I don't how to put it....but, there's a New Year's Eve party at my great aunt's house tomorrow, and I was wondering if....well, it's nothing formal or anything....But I was wondering if...

 Mike: Wendy, are you asking me to be your date for the New Year's Eve party?

 Wendy: Well, yes....but only if you'd like. I mean, I'd understand if you're busy.

 Mike: I'd love to.

 Wendy: You would?

 Mike: Sure.

 Wendy: Great. Here, let me give you the address.

 <Wendy writes Jessica's address on a piece of paper and gives it Mike.>

 Mike: Great. I'll see you tomorrow night?

 Wendy: Yeah.

 Mike: Great. Good night.

 Wendy: Good night.

 <Mike opens the door and leaves.>

 <Wendy takes off her shoes and sits down on the couch. Jodie comes up from behind.>

 Jodie: Well, you're home.

 <Wendy jumps up in surprise.>

 Wendy: Dad...You scared me.

 Jodie: Sorry.

 Wendy: It's no problem.

 Jodie: So, what's new?

 Wendy: Not much.

 Jodie: Going out with Mike?

 Wendy: Yeah. I'm having a lot of fun with him.

 Jodie: That's great.

 Wendy: Yeah, dad. And you told me not to go out with him.

 Jodie: Me???

Wendy: Yeah. Remember when you introduced me to him and you told me I'd hate going out with him?

 Jodie: The way I remember it, you were really rude to him and I convinced you to be nice to him.

 Wendy: It didn't happen that way, did it?

 Jodie: Yes it did.

 Wendy: Oh yeah, you're right.

 Jodie: I always am.

 Wendy: Yeah, I suppose.

 Jodie: Anyway, can I talk to you about something?

Wendy: Sure.

 Jodie: Well, I don't know how to put it...

 Wendy: Dad, this isn't something awful, is it?

 Jodie: Well, I don't think it is.

 Wendy: Dad, I'm used to you being gay. The only news that will shock me is if you've fallen in love with a woman and you want to move out of here.

 Jodie: That's it.

 <Wendy looks shocked.>

 Wendy: You're in love with a woman?

 <Jodie nods.>

 Wendy: And you want to move in with her?

 <Jodie nods.>

 <There's a moment of silence, then Wendy starts laughing.>

 Wendy: Ha ha ha! That's a good one. Now seriously, dad, what do you want to tell me?

 Jodie: That's it. I'm going to move in with Maggie.

 Wendy: What?

 Jodie: That's my news. I figured that since you're all grown up now, and you've landed back on your feet, you won't need me anymore.

 Wendy: I...I'm having trouble dealing with this.

 Jodie: Come on, Wendy, you need to get used to it.

 Wendy: This is so sudden.

 Jodie: I know. But, Wendy, I need to live my life.

 Wendy: Well, if that's how you feel, I guess I should wish you good luck.

 Jodie: Thanks.

 Wendy: Hey, I can come visit you over there, right?

 Jodie: Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Wendy: Then it's ok, I guess.

 <Jodie and Wendy hug.>

 Wendy: Dad, you're the best.

 Jodie: Really?

 Wendy: Yeah. You are. I mean that. I love you.

 odie: I love you too.

 Wendy: Well, we'd better get some rest. We have that party at the Tates tomorrow night.

 Jodie: I forgot all about it.

 Wendy: I'm going to sleep. Good night, dad.

 Jodie: Good night, Wendy.

 <Wendy goes upstairs. Jodie remains seated on the couch.>

 Jodie: My little girl is all grown up. I can't believe it. Thank you, god, for providing me with such a great gift.

 <Jodie gets up and goes upstairs.>

A bar in Texas
<Corinne and Eunice are sitting down at a table in the bar, talking.>

Corinne: We know that Dutch used to hang out this restaurant a lot, so maybe someone else who comes here a lot had a grudge against him committed the murders. All we have to do is go around and ask people if they know Dutch.

Eunice: But what if they don't want to answer it?

Corinne: All we have to do is use our charm. We have a lot of it. At least I do.

Eunice: Watch it, Corinne.

Corinne: Oh shut up, Eunice.

Eunice: I want to help Dutch so I'm going to ignore what you just said to me.

Corinne: Good idea. Let's get to work.

<Corinne and Eunice walk up to the bartender.>

Eunice: Uh, excuse me, sir?

Bartender: Yes?

Corinne: We'd like to talk to you.

Bartender: Sorry, I don't do that. I'm married.

Eunice: What???

Bartender: But I'm sure you'll find a lot of guys in here who would. Pretty much all of them.

Corinne: What are you talking about?

Bartender: Come on, this is a free country. You don't have to be ashamed of what you do. If I wasn't married, I'd go for it in a second. I mean, you're both gorgeous.

Eunice: What is he talking about, Corinne?

Corinne: I have no clue.

<The bartender whispers something into Eunice's ear. She makes a shocked face.>

Eunice: Sir, do you honestly think that I would do that?

Bartender: You're not a...?

Eunice: I happen to be from a rich family in Connecticut. My parents are loaded. I don't need to sleep with men for money. My sister here maybe, but not me.

Corinne: Eunice!!!

Eunice: I'm sorry, Corinne, but there was that time when you slept with every single man in Dunn's River.

Corinne: Just shut up, Eunice.

Bartender: I'm really sorry. Now, what can I really do for you?

<Eunice takes out a pitcure of Dutch>

Eunice: Have you seen this man?

<Bartender's expression changes to shock>

Bartender: Who wants to know?

Corinne: What difference does it make?

Bartender: Are you from the FBI or something?

Corinne: No.

Eunice: I'm his wife.

Bartender: Dutch is married?

Corinne: You know him!

Bartender: Look, ladies, I can't help you. I really can't. Sorry. I've got things to do.

<Bartender leaves and goes into the kitchen>

Eunice: Damn, that wasn't helpful at all.

Corinne: I know. What do we do now? Everyone is scared of Dutch, as though he really is a murderer.

Eunice: I know.

<Eunice and Corinne sit frustrated, when someone comes up from behind them>

Man: I can help you.

<Eunice and Corinne turn around>

Corinne: Who are you?

Man: The name's Alex.

Eunice: You know Dutch?

Alex: I've seen him around here. But I know who might have more information about these murders.

Corinne: Who?

Alex: A guy who used to frequent this place a lot. He and Dutch always got into fights here. He might have tried to frame him.

Eunice: Where is this guy now?

Alex: He lives at this address.

<Alex gives Eunice a piece of paper>

Alex: Now if you meet at this address tonight at 10:30, I'll take you to that guy.

Eunice: You've got a deal.

Alex: Great.

Corinne: Wait a do we know this isn't a trick?

Alex: Look what I found at his apartment the other day.

<Alex takes out a picture of Dutch, with a big red "X" drawn on it. Corinne and Eunice stare at it in shock>

Alex: Do we have a deal ladies?

Corinne: Tonight at 10:30?

<Alex smiles>

Alex: Tonight at 10:30. Meet me at the front of the building.

Eunice: We will. Thanks, Alex.

Alex: Glad to help.

Corinne: Eunice, why don't we go back to the hotel and get some rest? I have a feeling it'll be a long night.

Eunice: Good idea. Alex, see you at 10:30.

Alex: I'll be there.

<Eunice and Corinne leave the bar. After they leave, Alex takes out a cellphone and dials a number>

Alex: It's me....yeah, they fell for it like a charm....I'm meeting them later...yeah, I'll do what we planned....ok, see you later.

<Alex hangs up the phone and smiles>

<Fade to black>

Tate House. New Year's Eve
<Chester is hanging up New Year's lights on the walls in the living room, while Jessica watches. Benson is in the room too, making some last minute clean-ups.>

Jessica: Chester, are you sure you know what you're doing?

Chester: Jessica, please. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm not an idiot.

Benson: Could've fooled me.

Chester: Honestly, Jessica, I've done this a million times. It's easy.

Jessica: I'd feel much better if we got Benson to do this. He's an expert at this stuff.

Benson: Ha. I ain't getting near those lights.

Chester: Don't worry Benson. I'll be doing this myself. I don't need any help.

Benson: Not with this, but with other stuff, I'm not so sure.

Jessica: Benson, why are you in such a bad mood tonight? It's New Year's Eve. And a new millenium.

Benson: So?

Jessica: So you're supposed to be happy and cheerful.

Benson: Well, let me see, I'm working here with all you animals, Mr. Tate is hanging up lights and will probably blow up the house, Saunders is out there plotting to kill me, and to top it all off, you've invited the Campbells tonight. Try being in my position and then tell me if you'd be cheerful.

<The audience claps as Benson continues to clean the living room>

Chester: At last. I'm finished.

<Chester pulls a switch and the living room is lit up with the lights.>

Jessica: Wow, they look wonderful, Chester.

Chester: I know...And you said I couldn't do it.

<Just as Chester finishes talking, the lights start blinking. They blink faster and faster and then they all explode with a bang.> 

Chester: Oops.

Benson: Alright, I was wrong. He needed help with that too.

<The audience claps again as Benson leaves the living room. The doorbell and Jessica goes to open it. It's Mallu>

Jessica: Good evening, Mr. Mallu.

Chester: Mallu? What the hell are you doing here?
Jessica: Oh, how silly of me. I forgot to mention, Chester, E. Ronald is my date for the evening.

Mallu: Good evening, Tate.

Chester: You did it again. You show up at this house trying to embarrass me. Well, you won't this time! No one takes advantage of Tester Chate and gets away with it!

Jessica: Tester Chate??

Chester: You know what I meant.

Mallu: I'm here, Tate. Take it or leave it. I'd rather you leave, personally.

Chester: Shut up, you little man with a rug on your head.

Mallu: Now, don't you be making fun of my rug!

Chester: Why don't I just get Benson to sweep it a little for you?

Mallu: OK, now you're asking for it!

<Mallu jumps on Chester. Chester and Mallu start fighting. Billy comes downstairs.>

Jessica: Billy! Help!

Billy: Hey you two! Stop it!

<Billy separates Mallu and Chester.>

Jessica: You two, behave yourself, or leave this house!

Chester: Gee, I'm sorry, Mallu. I should've been nicer. Please accept my apologies.

Mallu: Yeah, yeah, whatever. <to Jessica> What do you say we ditch fatty here and go out?

Jessica: E. Ronald, please. This is a night to be with my family.

Mallu: Well, I tried.

Billy: Please, behave. Leslie will be here any minute. She had enough of your fighting on Thanksgiving. I barely managed to convince her to come over here again.

Jessica: Billy's right. Please behave. And please be nice to the Campbells too.

<The doorbell rings.>

Billy: That's Leslie. Everyone cool it! And no funny stuff, please.

<Billy opens the door and lets Leslie in>

Leslie: Happy New Year, Billy.

Billy: You too, Leslie. Come on in.

<Leslie and Billy come into the livingroom>

Billy: You remember my mom and dad. Right, Leslie?

Leslie: Of course. It's kinda hard to recognize them without food all over them, though.

Jessica: Yes, well, that won't happen tonight.

Billy: Hopefully.

<Mallu gets up>

Mallu: We haven't been introduced. My name's E. Ronald Mallu. You might've heard of me...The best lawyer in Dunn's River. Won every case I've ever handled. I can handle even the most impossible case.

Leslie: Nice to meet you.

Billy: Why don't we go over there and get some hors d'oeuvres.

<Billy and Leslie walk away>

<The doorbell rings. Jessica opens it. It's the Campbells>

Burt: Hey, Jessica.

Jessica: Hello, Burt. Come on in.

<Burt, Danny, Jodie, Chuck and Bob, Scotty, Wendy, Mike and Maggie enter the Tate living room>

Jodie: Everyone, you remember Maggie Chandler?

Jessica: Of course. Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Hi, Mrs. Tate.

Jodie: Mr. Mallu!

Mallu: Jodie Dallas. I remember you.

<Mallu pulls Jodie aside>

Mallu: Is that a real woman you're with?

Jodie: Of course it is.

Mallu: Thank god. You're normal. She even looks better than Carol.

Jodie: Gee, thanks, Mr. Mallu.

Mallu: Anytime.

Wendy: Everyone, I'd like you to meet Mike Caldwell. Mike, these are Jessica, Chester, Billy, and Leslie Walker. And over there behind the bar is their butler, Benson.

Jessica: It's nice to have you here, Mike.

Mike: Thanks. <to Wendy> Who's that guy with the rug on his head?

Wendy: That's Mr. Mallu. He's an attorney.

Mallu: Not just an attorney. The best in town.

Mike: Nice to meet you.

Mallu: Same here <whispers in his ear> Get me some clients, I need money.

<Mr. Mallu walks away>

Jessica: Now that everybody's here, let the party begin.

<Everyone starts partying>

Outside the Tate House.
<Saunders and another man are standing outside the Tate house>

 Saunders: Tonight will be the end of Benson. Finally, after all this time, I've come up with a foolproof plan to get revenge on Benson for stealing my job.

 Man: How? Saunders: Very easy. I've planted a gun in the Tate house that I've programmed to go off exactly at midnight. Benson will be standing right in front of the gun, and precisely at midnight his life will be over.

 Man: Interesting. Where did you plant the gun?

 Saunders: In a spot where no one will ever guess there's a gun. It's such a brilliant plan, I can't believe I haven't thought of it until now.

 Man: I can....Anyway, where is it?

 Saunders: In the vase.

 Man: Well, how will you get Benson to stand in front of the vase at precisely midnight?

 Saunders: That's where you come in.

 Man: Me?

 Saunders: Yes, you. You'll be delivering flowers for Benson. He'll out them in the vase at precisely midnight, and then the gun will go off, and he'll be dead.

 Man: Great plan, Saunders. Great plan.

 Saunders: I know. Now, let's go get you some delivery boy clothes. Tonight is the end of Benson. 

Tate House.
<The doorbell rings. Benson opens the door, to reveal someone wearing a costume.>

 Benson: What's this? It's not Halloween.

 <The person in the costume whispers something in Benson's ear>

 Benson: You want it to be a surprise?

 <The person nods>

 Benson: Oh, once they see you in that, they'll be surprised alright. Come on in.

 <The person in the costume walks into the house.>

 Benson: Ugliest costume I've ever seen.

 < Benson closes the door and walks away.> 

Outside an apartment building, somewhere in Texas
<Corinne and Eunice are standing outside the apartment building, waiting for Alex>

 Eunice: It's 10:30. Where do you think he is?

 Corinne: He'll be here. Don't worry.

 Eunice: I hope so. This place is so creepy.

 <Alex appears>

 Alex: Hey ladies, sorry I'm late. I had to stop and get gas on the way.

 Eunice: Excuse me? I really think it was necessary for you to tell us that.

 Alex: Huh?

 Corinne: Never mind. Let's get moving.

 Alex: Follow me.

 <Alex goes into the building and Corinne and Eunice follow> 

Tate House.
<The party is in full swing. Chester comes up to Danny.>

 Chester: Hi Danny.

 Danny: Hey, Chester.

 Chester: Enjoying the party?

 Danny: You bet. I love parties.

 Chester: Really? I didn't know that.

 Danny: You don't know much about me, do you?

 Chester: I suppose not. But I'd like to change that.

 Danny: Yeah, me too.

 Chester: Well, why don't you come into the poolhouse with me, and I can show you my record collection?

 Danny: Sounds good. Let's go.

 <Cut to: Jessica walks up to Burt, who's eating some unidentified food.>

 Jessica: Hello Burt.

 Burt: Hey Jess....Listen, do you know what it is that I'm eating?

 Jessica: Hmm....let me see <Jessica looks at the food> I have no clue.

 Burt: Oh that's wonderful. I'm in your house, eating food, and you didn't even know what I'm eating. I could die and then I'd never become sherriff.

 Jessica: Just relax, Burt. Benson made this food. It's not poisoned.

 Burt: Yeah, good point.

 Jessica: So how's your campaign going?

 Burt: Excellent. Only a few more weeks, and I'll be sherriff. I can't wait. Boy, I wish Mary were here to see me.

 <Jessica smiles.>

 Jessica: Me too....I miss her so much. I need someone to talk to, and unfortunately there aren't many people around.

 Burt: Well, I'm sure wherever she is, she's watching us all and giving us good luck.

 Jessica: I'm sure you're right.

 <Scene changes to somewhere else in the Tate living room, where Mike and Wendy are dancing. Not far from them, Maggie and Jodie are dancing too.>

 Mike: Thanks for inviting me here, Wendy.

 Wendy: It was my pleasure. I'm glad you're having fun.

 Mike: I'm having fun because I'm with you.

 Wendy: Really?

 Mike: Yes...Wendy, this is going to sound crazy, but I think I'm falling in love with you.

 Wendy: That doesn't sound weird at all.

 Mike: Really?

 Wendy: Of course it doesn't.

 Mike: Thanks.

 <Scene changes to Maggie and Jodie>

 Maggie: See? I told you they'd make a good couple.

 Jodie: You were right.

 Maggie: Maybe they'll be like us one day.

 Jodie: I can only hope.

 Maggie: I can't wait to move in together. We'll have so much fun.

 Jodie: I know. I can't wait.

 <Maggie and Jodie smile at each other and keep dancing.>

 <Scene changes to Chuck, Bob, and Scotty watching the party from a corner of the living room.

 Scotty: Boy, I wish I had someone to dance with.

 Bob: I'm not surprised that you don't.

 Scotty: Shut up, Bob.

 <The person in the costume walks up to them>

 Scotty: Who's that?

 Bob: Someone who needs a makeover and quick.

 Scotty (to the person in the costume): Who are you?

 <The person whipers something in Scotty's ears>

 Scotty: You're a woman?....You want to dance with me?....For sure. (to Chuck and Bob) See you later, guys.

 <Scotty leaves with the woman in the costume>

 Bob: I can't believe it. Even that dope got a date.

 Chuck: Bob...

 Bob: I could've gone my friends' party tonight. Pinnochio was going to introduce me to a real doll...makes Barbie look like a train wreck.

 Chuck: Bob, please...

 Bob: But no, I had to come to your stupid family's party and be bored to death. Who am I going to kiss at midnight?

 Chuck: How about me?

 <Bob looks at Chuck>

 Bob: I'm not that desperate. 

The Tate Basement
<Billy and Leslie go down into the basement.>

 Billy: Leslie, why did you want to come into the basement?

 Leslie: Well, I wanted to be alone with you....and it's much more romantic down here.

 Billy: Good point.

 <Billy sits down. When he's not looking, Leslie locks the basement door. She then sits next to him.>

 Billy: So....

 Leslie: I'm kinda thirsty.

 Billy: No problem. The wine cellar is down here. I'll go get us a bottle.

 <Billy goes into the wine cellar. When he disappears, Leslie takes out a gun. Billy returns.>

 Billy: Hey Leslie, do you want red wine or white....whoa!

 <Leslie points the gun at Billy>

 Leslie: Gotcha.

 Billy: Leslie, are you crazy? What are you doing?

 Leslie: What does it look like? I'm going to kill you.

 Billy: But Leslie, you said you wouldn't do that anymore.

 Leslie: Of course I did. What did you want me to do, tell you: Hey Billy, guess what I'm going to kill you.

 Billy: This is crazy. Put the gun down and we can talk about it.

 Leslie: No more talking. Say your prayers, Billy. You're going to die and no one will know. They're all upstairs at the party. They'll never hear you.

 <Leslie gets ready to shoot.> 

The Tate Living room
Jessica: Come on everybody, it's almost midnight. Let's all gather around and watch the ball drop.

 <Everyone stops what they're doing and gathers around the TV. The doorbell rings>

 Jessica: Benson...

 Benson: You want me to get that?

 Jessica: If you don't mind.

 Benson: Why should I mind? The pay is so good here, I really don't mind.

 &ltBenson opens the door. It's Saunders' friend, dressed like a delivery boy.>

 Saunders' friend: Evening, sir. I'm from Dunn's River Florists. In honor of the new millenium, we're giving away free flowers to every house in town.

 Benson: Wow, thanks.

 <Benson takes the flowers from Saunders' friend, but he doesn't leave.>

 Benson: Can I help you with anything else?

 Saunders' friend: Don't I get a tip?

 Benson: Yeah, right.

 <Benson closes the door in Saunders' friend's face>

 Benson: Nice flowers. I should put them in water. Mrs. Tate, where's the vase?

 Jessica: By the window, Benson.

 Benson: OK.

 <Benson walks up to the vase> 

An apartment in Texas
<Alex opens the door to the apartment.>

 Alex: After you.

 <Corinne and Eunice walk into the apartment. Alex walks in after them and closes the door>

 Corinne: Boy, I feel kinda funny.

 Eunice: It's about time too.

 Corinne: No, I mean, breaking into a man's home. This is illegal.

 Eunice: This is for Dutch. Now, we don't have time. We have to look for clues.

 Corinne: OK. Alex, where should we start looking?

 <Corinne turns around and sees that Alex is gone.>

 Corinne: Alex? Alex??

 Eunice: Where is he?

 Corinne: I don't know. He's disappeared.

 <Alex comes up from behind them, holding a gun.>

 Alex: Surprise, surprise, ladies.

 Corinne: Alex, what are you doing?

 Eunice: Yeah, Corinne's right. I just realized. Those pants totally don't go with that shirt.

 Corinne: Eunice!!! He's pulled a gun on us!

 Eunice: Oh, is that what he's holding?

 Corinne: Yes!!!

 Eunice: Oh.

 Alex: Are you through?

 Corinne: Alex, what are you doing?

 Alex: I figured it's time to tell you why I really brought you up here.

 Eunice: Oh my god, he's going to kill us...

 <Eunice starts crying>

 Corinne: Oh, Eunice, get a hold of yourself.

 Alex: Will you two relax?

 Corinne: Relax??? You're holding a gun on us and we're supposed to relax? Bad choice of words.

 Alex: I'm not going to kill you. Just get up and start walking where I tell you.

 Corinne: Where are we going?

 Alex: Move it!!! Into the next room.

 <Corinne and Eunice walk into the next room, while Alex follows them with the gun.>

 Alex: Welcome to the headquarters, ladies.

 Corinne: Headquarters? Of what?

 Alex: You'll get all the answers to all your questions tonight. You can come out now, boss. I've brought them.

 <The door opens and someone comes out. We don't see their face, but Eunice and Corinne's faces turn white>

 Eunice: Oh my god...

 Corinne: It'!!! 

The Tate Garden
<Scotty and the woman in the costume are dancing to the music coming from inside the house.>

 Scotty: Boy, you're a great dancer.

 <The woman whispers something in his ear.>

 Scotty: Me too? Whatever you say. I always thought I was a lousy dancer.

 <The woman whispers something else in Scotty's ear.>

 Scotty: You want me to kiss you?

<The woman nods>

 Scotty: Now? But it's not midnight yet....oh what the heck, I haven't kissed a woman in so long...

 <Scotty and the woman in the costume kiss>

 Scotty: OK, now it's my turn to ask you to do something. I want you to take off your mask, so I can see who you are.

 <The woman nods. She slowly takes her mask off. We don't see her face. Scotty looks at her and screams.>

 Scotty: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Tate Living Room
<Everyone is still gathered around the TV.>

 Jessica: Alright, there are 10 more seconds.

 Everyone: 10....9....8....7....6....

 <Benson approaches the vase with the flowers>

 Everyone: 5....4....3....2....1....Happy New Year!

 Jodie (to Maggie): Happy New Year.

 Maggie: Happy New Year.

 <Maggie and Jodie kiss. Scene changes to Mike and Wendy. Mike stares at Wendy>

 Wendy: What??

 Mike: Well, I was just thinking, that it's midnight, and at midnight on New Year's your're supposed to kiss someone, so I was thinking that maybe...

 Wendy: Mike?

 Mike: What?

 Wendy: Shut up and kiss me.

 <Mike and Wendy kiss>

 Mallu (to Jessica): How about it? A New Year's kiss?

 Jessica: Oh, alright. What the heck.

 <Mallu and Jessica kiss. Mallu jumps up and down.>

 Mallu: Yes!!! Yes!!! It was sweeter than I ever thought it would be!!

 Burt: Oh, Mary, wherever you are, Happy New Year to you.

 Chuck: Oh Bob, Happy New Year!

 <Chuck kisses Bob>

 Bob: Ewww....get away from me!!!

 <Benson is standing near the vase and is about to put the flowers in. Suddenly all the lights go out. A shot is heard and then a scream.>

Announcer: What kind of relationship will Mike and Wendy have? What will happen between Maggie and Jodie when he moves in with her? Will anything happen between Mallu and Jessica, or will she choose Chester? Will Leslie kill Billy? Will Burt become sherriff? Who is the woman in the costume, and why did Scotty scream? Did Saunders finally succeed in killing Benson? And who is Alex's boss, and what will happen to Corinne and Eunice? These questions and many others will be answered in the next episode of