Also Starring:

Maggie Chandler

Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell




Dr. Barnes

Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 21

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Leslie tried to kill Billy, so he ended up shooting her and she was rushed to the hospital. Saunders tried to kill Benson by planting a gun in the vase, but the try failed, when he forgot to put in bullets. Carol decided to try and see Wendy and asked Scotty to help her. Scotty said he'd try. Later on, Scotty called Carol and told her that Jodie had left the house, and that she could try to talk to Wendy. Jessica told Mallu and Chester that she would try and choose one of them, but they should both try to persuade her to choose. Mallu and Chester promised to try. And Corinne and Eunice who had tried to help Dutch found themselves face to face with Ingrid Svenson. They tried to reason with her, but she had them thrown in the dungeon.

Find it trying? You won't after this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Campbell House
<Wendy is in the living room, sitting on the couch. The doorbell rings and she answers it, to reveal Carol.>

Carol: Wendy?

Wendy: Yes.

Carol: Oh, Wendy....Wendy, Wendy.

Wendy: Can I help you?

Carol: Don't you know who I am?

Wendy: Not a clue.

Carol: I'm Carol.

Wendy: That's nice.

Carol: Don't you understand? I'm Carol.

Wendy: Yes, we've established that already.

Carol: Don't you understand? I'm your mother.

<Wendy looks shocked.>

Wendy: Oh my god...You are my mother...Carol...

Carol: Yes, I am. It's so good to see you again!

<Carol hugs Wendy.>

Wendy: Where have you been all these years?

Carol: I know you're probably mad at me.

Wendy: Do I not have a reason to be mad at you? I've heard all about you. You abandoned me when I was a little girl, then you kidnapped me. Even your own parents, my grandparents, had nothing good to say about you. And you wonder why I'm not angry at you?

Carol: You have to understand, Wendy. It wasn't my choice. I loved you then and I still do. I've been through a lot these past 19 years. I tried to come see you but I couldn't. Honestly.

Wendy: I guess none of that matters. You're here now.

Carol: Yes I am. And I promise you that I'll never abandon you again.

Wendy: What do you mean?

Carol: Come with me, Wendy. We'll move in together and we'll make up for all those years that I didn't see you.

Wendy: I can't. I have a life here. I've moved on. I lost faith a long time ago that my mother would ever come back.

Carol: But I'm here now. Aren't you happy to see me? I can make up for all those years. I know I can, if you just give me a chance.

<Wendy looks at Carol and doesn't know what to say. Just then, the door opens and Maggie and Jodie walk in.>

Jodie: I promise you, I won't be but a second. I just have to pick up my...

<Jodie sees Carol and stops talking. There's a moment of tense silence.>

Jodie: Carol...

Carol: Hello, Jodie. How are you?

Jodie: I'm...fine.

Maggie: Perhaps I'd better wait outside.

Jodie: Are you sure?

Maggie: Yeah, this really is none of my concern. I'll see you later.

Jodie: OK. Thanks, Maggie.

<Maggie leaves. Jodie turns to Carol.>

Jodie: What the hell are you doing here?

Carol: I'm here to see my daughter.

Jodie: You've got some nerve showing up here after you've abandoned her.

Carol: I know that you're mad at me, but...

Jodie: Carol, spare me the excuses of why you weren't there for your daughter for 19 years. You have no idea what I've been through. I couldn't raise Wendy on my own because I thought I was an old Jewish man, and you weren't around to help raise your own daughter.

Carol: Jodie, I...You thought you were an old Jewish man???

Jodie: It's a long story. But the point is that you weren't there to help raise your own daughter. That's absolutely disgusting.

Carol: I'm sorry. But that's why I'm here now. To be with my girl. And to mend my fences with you. I'm really sorry.

Jodie: Just get out of here, Carol, and leave us alone.

Carol: Wendy, would you like me to leave?

Wendy: I think it's best if you just go.

<Carol has tears in her eyes.>

Carol: OK, I'll do what you say. But I'll be back. I promise that I will gain your trust again. I'll never abandon you again, I promise.

<Carol opens the door and steps outside. Maggie is standing there.>

Maggie: Kicked out already, huh?

Carol: Oh don't you worry. I'll have my daughter back and there's nothing that you or Jodie can do about it.

<Carol leaves. Scene changes to inside the house.>

Jodie: Wendy, are you alright?

Wendy: I guess. It was just so...sudden.

Jodie: I know. I'm sorry that she upset you.

Wendy: It's just that when I saw her I remembered all the stories I heard about how awful she was, and...all the pain of being abandoned by her hit me when I saw her.

Jodie: Can I do anything to help you?

Wendy: Yes there is. Go move in with Maggie.

Jodie: Are you sure?

Wendy: Yeah. You live your life. I'll be fine.

<Wendy goes upstairs and leaves Jodie sitting on the couch, looking worried.>

<Benson is sitting outside a hospital room, while Billy paces back and forth.>

Benson: Billy? Will you stop that pacing already? You'll wear a hole in the floor.

Billy: I can't. I absolutely cannot sit down. If I sit down, I'll just get back up again.

<The door opens and a man wearing white comes out.>

Billy: Doctor! Doctor! How's she doing?

Man: Well, it's hard to tell at this point. I think that she'll pull through. All we have to do is lick her face a few times.

Billy: Huh?

Man: Yeah. If we licked her then she'll be fine. Like this.

<The man gets down on all fours, and starts barking and licking Billy's feet.>

Billy: You're not the doctor, are you?

<Just then a nurse comes in. When she sees the man acting like a dog, she frowns.>

Nurse: Come on Fred, back to the mental ward. Let's go.

<The nurse leaves and Fred follows, barking.>

Billy: That was weird.

Benson: Not to me. After working for your family, even that seems normal to me.

<The audience claps as Billy starts pacing again. The door opens and the doctor comes out.>

Billy: Can you bark like a dog?

Doctor: Excuse me? I'm Dr. Barnes.

Billy: Just checking. How's Leslie?

Dr. Barnes: Who are you?

Billy: I'm the guy who shot her.

<Dr. Barnes raises an eyebrow.>

Billy: By accident. She tried to shoot me first. I'm her boyfriend.

Dr. Barnes: You're her boyfriend?

Benson: To use the term 'loosely'.

Billy: Yes, I'm her boyfriend.

Dr. Barnes: And she wanted to kill you?

Billy: That's right.

Dr. Barnes: OK...

Billy: Look, it's a long story. Just tell me how she's doing.

Dr. Barnes: Well, we got the bullet out of her system, but she was badly hurt. Right now it's too early to tell, but she may be paralyzed.

Billy: Oh, no...

Dr. Barnes: Please, don't take anything I say as fact. It's still very early to tell at the moment.

Billy: May I see her?

Dr. Barnes: I'm afraid not. She's in intensive care. She can't have visitors. I'll call you as soon as there's a change. I promise. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some other patients to see.

<Dr. Barnes leaves.>

Billy: Did you hear that, Benson? I may have paralyzed Leslie.

Benson: Come on now, nothing's for sure yet. Let's just go home.

Billy: OK, but can we come back later?

Benson: Sure. Whatever you say.

Billy: Thanks, Benson.

<Benson smiles.>

Benson: Anytime.

<Benson and Billy leave the hospital. Fade to black.>

Hotel Room
<Scotty walks down the hall, and knocks on one of the doors. Carol opens it, wearing a sexy outfit.>

Scotty: Hi.

Carol: I'm glad you came.

Scotty: So am I.

Carol: Come on in...

<Scotty enters the room and Carol closes the door after him.>

Carol: Care for a drink?

Scotty: No, thanks. I'm fine.

Carol: Oh, ok. Scotty: Listen, I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't know that Jodie would come back home.

Carol: It's ok, really. In a way I'm glad Jodie found out.

Scotty: Yeah? Why?

Carol: It gives me more of an incentive to fight for Wendy. Soon we'll be together.

Scotty: You know I'll help anyway I can.

Carol: I know you will. And I really appreciate it...And you have helped me already. Well, I'm a woman of my word.

<Carol lies down on the bed.>

Carol: Well, aren't you going to join me?

Scotty: Well, I don't know...

Carol: Come on Scotty....It'll be worthwhile for you.

<Scotty lies down next to Carol.>

Scotty: It's just that I haven't been with a woman for so long, I've kinda forgotten what to do.

Carol: Don't worry, I'll remind you.

<Carol grabs Scotty and kisses him. When they stop, Scotty smiles.>

Scotty: I think I'm beginning to remember.

Carol: Will you help me with Wendy?

Scotty: You bet.

<Carol smiles. Scotty starts kissing her and turns off the lights>

The Tate Living Room
<Jessica is in the living room, arranging things, when the doorbell rings. She opens it. Burt and Danny are there.>

Jessica: Hello, Burt. Hello, Danny.

Burt: Hey Jess.

Jessica: Do come in.

<Burt and Danny come into the house.>

Jessica: Oh I'm so excited. Election eve is always exciting.

Burt: Sure is....where is everybody?

Jessica: Well, let's see...Benson and Billy are in the hospital with Leslie, Eunice and Corinne have disappeared and no one's heard from them in days, and Chester no longer lives here.

Danny: Gee, this house is empty.

Burt: Danny, she just finished explaining that.

<Danny looks puzzled.>

Danny: She did?

Burt: OK, Danny, you can return to your own little world now.

Danny: Thanks, Burt.

<Danny goes over to the TV and turns it on.>

Burt: The guy has the brain of a raisin.

Jessica: Well, he's not that bad. He IS going to be your deputy, after all.

Burt: If I win.

Jessica: Of course you'll win. You're a cinch. It's not like there's another candidate.

Burt: Yes there is, Jess.

<Jessica looks puzzled.>

Jessica: There's another candidate?

Burt: Yes there is, Jess. There's 2 men running for sherriff. Me and another man. That's why there's a race, so that the people choose who they want to be sherriff.

Jessica: I see...

<The doorbell rings. Jessica opens it. It's Chuck and Bob.>

Jessica: Hi. Come on in.

<Chuck and Bob enter the house.>

Bob: Hey Burt, listen, if you win the race, can I be your deputy?

Burt: Bob, you can't be deputy.

Bob: But I've been practicing.

Burt: Sorry, but I've already chosen Danny to be my deputy.

Bob: Danny??

Burt: Yes.

Bob: Smart move, Burt. Danny will be deputy. You might as well choose a wall to be the deputy. Ha ha ha!

Burt: Uh, Chuck, where's Scotty?

Chuck: He said he had an important date that he couldn't miss.

Burt: Oh. I haven't seen him out in weeks, it's good that he's finally going out with someone.

Danny: Everybody, the polls have closed. They're starting to count the votes.

<Jessica, Burt, Danny, and Chuck and Bob gather around the TV.>

Reporter: Well, the polls have now closed and the vote count is beginning. At the moment, there have been an even number of votes between former sherriff Burt Campbell and his opponent, newcomer Ray Holmes.

Jessica: That's wonderful, Burt. That means it can go either way.

<The doorbell rings. Jessica goes to open it. It's Chester, holding flowers.>

Chester: Hello, Jess.

Jessica: Hi Chester.

Chester: These are for you.

Jessica: Aw, Chester, they're lovely. Where are they from?

Chester: The garden next door.

Jessica: How lovely. Come on in, Chester. We're just about to find out the results of the election.

<Chester comes inside.>

Jessica: Look everyone, it's Chester.

Danny: Hey, Chester.

Chester: Hi Danny. Nice to see you.

Burt: Chester, old pal. You DID vote for me, right?

Chester: Of course. Who else could I vote for?

Burt: Great.

<Burt walks away.>

Chester: Idiot. Like I'd ever vote for him.

<The doorbell rings again. Jessica opens it. It's Mallu, holding flowers.>

Jessica: E. Ronald, what a pleasant surprise.

Mallu: Oh Jessica, these are for you.

Jessica: They're lovely. Come in, E. Ronald. We're watching the election.

Mallu: Certainly.

<Mallu walks inside and Jessica closes the door.>

Jessica: Chester, look who's here. It's Mr. Mallu.

Mallu: Hello, Tate.

Chester: Hello, Mallu.

Jessica: And look, Chester, E. Ronald brought me flowers.

<Chester attacks Mallu.>

Chester: You idiot!

Mallu: Hey! What are you doing, you no good moron?

Chester: How dare you bring her flowers? Only I get to bring her flowers.

Mallu: Well, mine are better looking.

Chester: Huh! You wish!

<Chester knocks Mallu on the floor and they start fighting.>

Jessica: Boys! Boys! Please, no fighting. And no blood, I just washed the floor today.

<Danny and Burt break up Mallu and Chester.>

Mallu: You lunatic! How dare you attack me?

Chester: Get out of this house, you twit!

Jessica: Now, now, boys, behave.

Chester: I'll behave when he leaves!!

Mallu: Fat chance!

Jessica: Now, both of you stop it this instant! I told you that I'll choose one of you, but you both have to prove yourselves first! Now, sit down, watch the elections and behave, or I'll throw you both out of here!

<The audience claps and cheers.>

Chester: You're absolutely right, Jess. I'm sorry.

Mallu: Yeah, me too.

Jessica: That's good.

<Jessica walks away. When she does, Chester sticks his tongue out at Mallu. Mallu in turn steps on his foot. Chester screams and starts jumping up and down in pain.>

Jessica: Everything ok, Chester?

Chester: Just fine, Jess.

<Chester can't jump on one foot anymore, and he falls down with a heavy bang.>

Jessica: Glad you're ok, Chester!

<Everyone walks over to the TV.>

Reporter: Well, in another minute the results for the sherriff election will be in. It was an extremely close race, but we believe that the people of Dunn's River have made their choice.

Jessica: Gee, I hope this election doesn't take as long as the presidential election did.

Burt: Nah it shouldn't. This isn't Florida.

Reporter: And the results are in, ladies and gentlemen.

Jessica: Oooh, this is so exciting.

Reporter: Well, people, the results are as follows: Former sherriff Burt Campbell received 48% of the votes.

Everyone: Burt, this is really good!!

Reporter: Newcomer Ray Holmes, however, received 52% of the votes. Ladies and gentlemen, Ray Holmes is the new sherriff of Dunn's River!

<Burt's smile fades>

Jessica: Burt....

Danny: Burt, I'm so sorry.

<Burt turns around and walks out of the house. Danny follows. Everyone else remains in the house, quiet.>

Ingrid Svenson's Dungeon
<Corinne sits down on the floor. Eunice comes out of another room in the dungeon.>

Eunice: Ugh...Corinne, you should see the bathroom down here. It looks like a sewer.

Corinne: Eunice, we're in a dungeon. What did you expect, a suite in the Four Seasons Hotel?

Eunice: Yeah!!

Corinne: Eunice...

Eunice: I'm sorry, Corinne, but I am not some third class girl. I belong to the Tate family.

Corinne: I know. And that's exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.

Eunice: Don't blame me for this! It's your mother that locked us in here.

Corinne: I wasn't blaming you, Eunice.

Eunice: Yes, you were!

Corinne: No I wasn't.

Eunice: Were too!

Corinne: Was not!!

Eunice: Were too!!

Corinne: Oh, this argument is useless! We have to think about how to get out of here!

Eunice: And what do you suggest? We dig a tunnel?

Corinne: That's it! We'll dig through the wall!

Eunice: I am not using my hands!

Corinne: Why? You seem to be awfully good at it when it comes to sex.

Eunice: Oh, Corinne, I could kill you right now!

Corinne: Are you going to help me or not?

Eunice: No way.

Corinne: Alright, forget it. I'll do it myself.

Eunice: Good.

<Corinne comes up to Eunice and yanks her shoes off.>

Eunice: Ahhhhhhh! Are you crazy?

Corinne: Those shoes will be perfect for digging through the wall. The heal is so sharp!

Eunice: But those are $200 shoes!

Corinne: Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

<Corinne starts hitting the wall with Eunice's shoe. There's silence for a moment.>

Eunice: Wait a minute! I got it!

Corinne: What now, Eunice?

Eunice: What if Burt saves us?

Corinne: What??

Eunice: Think about it, Corinne. The sherriff's election is tonight.

Corinne: So?

Eunice: So, when Burt wins, he can declare us missing, start a nation-wide search, and we'll be saved.

Corinne: Wow, that was actually a smart thing you just said, Eunice.

Eunice: I know...I can't believe it...And once we're found and Ingrid is captured, she'll have to admit that she set up Dutch. He'll be freed, and we can all come home.

Corinne: This is a great idea....Hey, turn on that TV over there. Maybe it'll be on the news.

<Eunice turns on the television in the dungeon.>

News Anchor: And now, for national news. Elections for sherriff were held tonight in Dunn's River, Connecticut. The final results were 42% for former sherriff Burt Campbell, and 58% for his opponent, Ray Holmes. This means that Ray Holmes is the new sherriff in Dunn's River. Tomorrow morning...

<Eunice turns off the TV.>

Eunice: Oh no....Burt lost.

Corinne: Which means, that unless we escape from here, we're dead.

<Freeze frame and fade to black on Eunice and Corinne's worried faces.>

Announcer: Now that Carol is back, what will happen between her and Wendy? What will happen between her and Jodie? What will happen between her and Scotty? What will Billy do if Leslie is paralyzed? Who will Jessica choose, Chester or Mallu? If they continue to fight over her, will they both be alive to be chosen? Now that Burt has lost the election, what will he do? And what will Corinne and Eunice do now that Burt can't save them? Will they take tunnel-digging lessons? These questions and many others will be answered in the next episode of