Also Starring:

Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell

Mike Caldwell


Radio Announcer

Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 22

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Carol showed up at the Campbell house and promised Wendy that she's make it up to her for the time they've lost. However, the reunion was cut short when Jodie showed up and told Carol to get lost. Later, Carol invited Scotty to her hotel room and when Scotty saw her in her attractive outfit, he lost it all. Chester and Mallu are fighting over Jessica, and are each hoping that the other one will lose. The doctor told Billy that Leslie could be paralyzed from the gunshot wound, which means that she would lose her ability to walk. Burt lost the sherriff election, and the loss was really hard for him to bare. And Corinne and Eunice who are locked in Ingrid's dungeon and were hoping that Burt would save them, lost all their hope when Burt lost the election. This means that if they stay locked up, they might lose their lives.

Lost? You won't be after this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Campbell House
<The door opens, and Burt storms in, followed by Danny.>

Danny: Burt, Burt, wait up....Burt, come on...Why are you so depressed?

<Burt looks at Danny like he's crazy.>

Burt: Well, Danny, I'm depressed because they don't sell panty hose in my size....WHY DO YOU THINK I'M DEPRESSED???

Danny: Oh...This is about the election isn't it?

Burt: Wow, Danny, you're getting smarter all the time.

<Danny smiles.>

Danny: Gee, thanks, Burt.

Burt: I just don't get it Danny. I mean, I made promises, I spent money, I gave the best show I could. Holmes has no experience at all, I was sherriff once, and yet I lost. I just don't get it. Do you understand me, Danny?

<Danny stares for a moment>

Danny: Not at all.

Burt: I give up. Talking to you is like talking to the wall.

Danny (smiling): Yeah, I know.

Burt: Oy....

<Burt starts going upstairs when the door bursts open and Chuck and Bob burst in.>

Chuck: Dad! Dad! Great news!

Burt: What, you put Bob in the fireplace?

<Burt starts laughing. Danny joins in.>

Bob: Are you quite through?

<Burt and Danny stop laughing.>

Burt: Oh, I'm sorry, Bob.

Bob: Oh that's ok. Coming from you, that insult is a compliment.

Chuck: Dad, did you hear the good news?

Burt: No...what?

Chuck: Turn on the radio. Quick!!

<Danny turns on the radio.>

Radio Announcer: Once again, this hour's top story. After recounting the votes in the sherriff election, it seems like there's been a major error in the election. Apparently, officials forgot to count the votes of those Dunn's River citizens that currently live out of state but are still eligible to vote. After a careful recount of all eligible votes, it appears as though former Sherriff Burt Campbell took 65% of the votes. His opponent, Ray Holmes, only managed to score 35% of the votes. This means that the official winner of the 2001 Dunn's River Sherrif election is former sherriff Burt Campbell, and not Ray Holmes as stated earlier. Campbell, who was...

<Burt turns off the radio.>

Burt: Did I hear that right?

Danny: I don't know.

Bob: You dummy. You won the election!!

Burt: I won the election?

Danny: Burt, YOU WON THE ELECTION! You're the sherriff!

Burt: I won the election...

Danny: Yeah.

Burt: I'm the sherriff...

Danny: Yes!!

Burt: Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

<The audience claps and cheers as Burt and Danny hug each other.>

Ingrid Svenson's Dungeon
<Eunice paces back and forth, while Corinne is hitting the wall with a shoe.>

Corinne: Eunice, will you quit that pacing? You're driving me crazy.

Eunice: Well, You are driving me crazy with all that noise you're making. Corinne, you've been at it for hours, and you still haven't made any progress. It's hopeless.

Corinne: Well, I'm not planning on staying here forever, so I'm not giving up.

Eunice: Come on Corinne. Face it, Ingrid's won. We're stuck here. Burt's lost the election and we have a better chance of being poisoned to death than break out of here with that shoe.

Corinne: I don't care, Eunice. I'm not staying here. No way am I staying in a dungeon. So you can either help me or leave me alone.

<All of a sudden, footsteps are heard.>

Eunice: Oh my god, someone's coming.

Corinne: Quick, put on your shoe!

<Corinne passes Eunice the shoe. Eunice looks at it.>

Eunice: Oh god, Corinne, you completely ruined the sole. I can't believe it.

Corinne: Eunice....

Eunice: OK...OK.

<Eunice puts her shoe on and Corinne covers up the wall where she's been hitting just as the door opens and Ingrid walks in.>

Ingrid: Vell, vell, vell. Hw are my prisoners doing?

Eunice: Ingrid, I demand that you let us out of here right now.

<Ingrid starts laughing.>

Ingrid: Ha! Who do you think you are talking to? No one talks to me this vay. Maybe you yust don't understand it, but you are stuck here for good. Do you understand me? Ha!!

<Eunice looks away from Ingrid>

Ingrid: Now, in order that the stupid Tates aren't suspicious of vhere the two of you are, I must insist that you call them and tell them that you are staying in Texas a little longer because you haven't found all the information you needed.

Eunice: I'm not doing anything you say.

Ingrid: I beg your pardon, you dirty, stinking, lousy Tate?

Eunice: On second thought, what were we supposed to do again?

Ingrid: That's better. Now, vhich one of you will make the call?

Corinne: Oh, I'll do it for heaven's sakes.

<Ingrid hands Corinne the phone. Corinne dials. Jessica picks it up at the Tate house.>

Jessica: Hello?

Corinne: Ma?

Jessica: Corinne! Thank god! I was so worried.

Corinne: How are you doing, ma?

Jessica: I'm fine. What about you and Eunice?

Corinne: We're both fine.

Jessica: Have you seen Dutch?

Corinne: Yeah ma, but we haven't found everything we need yet, so we'll be staying in Texas a little while longer until it's all finished.

Jessica: Oh...Well, how's Eunice doing?

Corinne: She's fine. I'm watching her. You know, although Eunice and I are not biologically related, it's like we're mother and daughter.

Jessica: Aw...that's good to hear. Well, I hope to see the two of you and Dutch home very soon.

Corinne: We'll be home soon, ma.

Jessica: I love you, Corinne.

Corinne: I love you too, ma.

Jessica: Bye.

Corinne: Bye.

<Corinne hangs up the phone.>

Ingrid: How touching. Now I'm leaving, but I vill be back later to see how you are doing. Have a nice day.

<Ingrid leaves. There's a moment of silence and then Eunice turns to Corinne.>

Eunice: Take the shoe and start digging...we have got to get out of here.

<Corinne takes the shoe and starts hitting the wall again.>

<The scene changes back to Jessica in the Tate kitchen.>

Jessica: Oh dear. Corinne sounded so strange on the phone, as if she was trying to tell me something....wait a minute, I got it....Corinne and Eunice are in trouble. I need to save them.

<Jessica runs out of the kitchen. Fade to black>

Hotel Lobby
<Mike and Wendy are sitting in the lobby, just finishing a date.>

Wendy: That was a great meal.

Mike: Yeah, it was.

Wendy: But isn't it so expensive?

Mike: Nah, you're worth it.

Wendy: Oh, that is so sweet.

Mike: Why are you surprised? I told you on New Year's Eve that I love you.

Wendy: Well, I thought you got caught up in the moment.

Mike: I wasn't. I really do love you, Wendy.

Wendy: Well, I don't know what to say...

Mike: Don't you love me too?

Wendy: Well...the last time I said that to someone, I got really hurt.

Mike: I know...But I won't hurt you like that. I promise.

Wendy: Really? You really promise?

MIke: Yes...I will never hurt you.

Wendy: Well then....I love you too.

<Mike picks up his glass.>

Mike: Well, here's a toast to our future.

Wendy: To our future.

<Wendy and Mike toast and drink.>

Wendy: Mike, now I have something that I want to ask you.

Mike: What's that?

<Music starts playing in the background>

Wendy: May I have this dance?

Mike: Wow...what a tough question...

Wendy (smiling): Well, do you have an answer?

Mike: Yes...I'd love to dance with you.

<Mike and Wendy get up and start dancing. Suddenly, Mike grabs Wendy and kisses her for 20 seconds.>

Wendy: Wow, that was great....

Mike: I know.

<Mike and Wendy kiss again. All of a sudden a voice is heard behind them.>

Voice: Wendy, what are you doing here?

<Wendy and Mike pull apart and see Carol standing there.>

Wendy:'s you.

Carol: Hi, Wendy. I'm sorry if I scared you.

Wendy: That's ok. What are you doing here?

Carol: I have a meeting here.

Wendy: Oh...

Mike: Wendy, aren't you going to introduce me?

Wendy: Oh, I'm sorry. Mike Caldwell, this is Carol David. Carol, this is Mike Caldwell.

Carol: How nice to meet you.

Mike: Same here.

Wendy: Mike is my date for the evening.

Carol: That's nice. (To Mike) Now, you take good care of my daughter, you hear?

<Mike is stunned>

Mike: I'm sorry? What did you just say?

Wendy: You heard her right, Mike. She's my mother.

Mike: Oh...

Carol: That's right, I'm Wendy's mother. So you'd better be nice to her. Now if you'll excuse, I see the person that I'm supposed to meet. Wendy, see you around.

Wendy: Goodbye.

Carol: It was nice to meet you, Mike.

Mike: Same here.

<Carol leaves. Mike turns to Wendy.>

Mike: Why didn't you tell me?

Wendy: I didn't think you'd understand.

Mike: Why wouldn't I understand?

Wendy: Because it's a long story.

Mike: Are you ok?

Wendy: Yes....actually, no. Mike, would you mind taking me home now?

Mike: Sure. Let's go.

Wendy: You don't mind?

Mike: Of course not. I love you. I want to do only what's good for you. So if you want to go home now, I'll take you home.

Wendy: Thanks. I promise you, I'll explain it all on the way.

Mike: Deal.

<Mike and Wendy leave the hotel.>

<Scene changes to Scotty, standing at another corner of the lobby. Carol walks up to him. He sees her and smiles.>

Carol: Sorry I'm late. I ran into Wendy at the lobby restaurant.

Scotty: Oh no. Did she see me?

Carol: No, it's fine. Listen, she was with her boyfriend. What do you know about him?

Scotty: You mean Mike?

Carol: No, Genghis Khan....of course I mean Mike.

Scotty: Oh...well, from what I know he's Maggie's nephew. She and Jodie thought it would be nice if Wendy met him so they introduced them.

Carol: You mean Jodie introduced them?

Scotty: Yeah.

<Carol smiles.>

Scotty: Why are you laughing? Are we going to go up to your room or not?

Carol: Oh we will. But now I know what my next step in getting Wendy back is.

Scotty: What's that?

Carol: We're going to break up her and Mike. Come on, let's go upstairs.

<Carol starts leaving. Scotty remains standing.>

Carol: Are you coming?

Scotty: Yeah...yeah.

<Scotty and Carol leave the lobby.>

The Tate Living Room
<Benson is sweeping the living room. Jessica and Billy are sitting on the couch, while Chester paces back and forth.>

Chester: I can't believe it. I just can't believe it.

Jessica: I know, Chester. I know.

Chester: I can't believe that Eunice and Corinne have been kidnapped. I just can't believe it.

Jessica: I can't believe it either.

Billy: I can't believe Leslie might be paralyzed.

Benson: And I can't believe that I'm still stuck here after all these years.

<The audience claps and cheers>

Jessica: Benson, Burt and Danny will be here any moment. I think that you should go to the kitchen and make some refreshments.

<Benson stares at Jessica for a moment, then bursts out laughing. He then walks away and continues to sweep the floor>

Chester: I just can't believe it. My two little girls, kidnapped. They're probably locked up somewhere and not getting any food. Oh, I just can't believe it.

Jessica: Chester, why don't you calm down.

Chester: OK, OK, I'll calm down. I'll act normal.

Benson: Now that's a joke.

<The doorbell rings. Jessica looks at Benson.>

Benson: You want me to get that?

Jessica: If you don't mind.

Benson (smiling): Of course...

<Benson opens the door and Burt and Danny are standing there.>

Burt: Hey Benson. How are you doing today? Glad you voted for me.

Benson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on in.

<Burt and Danny walk into the living room.>

Jessica: Burt! Finally! Have you heard anything?

Burt: Well, I asked my contacts in Texas and they've definitely seen Corinne and Eunice around. But nobody's seen them since New Year's Eve.

Chester: Oh my god...

Burt: Look, it's ok. They were seen with a tall, blond, short-haired man. Several people have identified him as Alex. And people remember Corinne and Eunice going with him.

Billy: Well then, Alex must be working for Ingrid Svenson.

Chester: Now, Jess, are you 100% sure that Ingrid is the one who has Corinne and Eunice?

Jessica: Yes. Corinne said on the phone that she was watching Eunice like a mother, although they're not biologically related. Don't you get it? Biological mother? That's Ingrid.

Chester: Sounds kinda strange.

Burt: Well, it's the only lead we've got, so I'm going with it. Only Ingrid would do such a thing. It makes sense that she would have Dutch framed and then kidnap Corinne and Eunice.

Chester: So what do we do?

Burt: Well, I have to go to Texas and look for them.

Billy: Burt, why don't we just go to Texas and get an APB out on Ingrid?

Burt: Well, because one, we don't know if she's really involved, and two, if she is involved, she'll grab Corinne and Eunice and hide, and then we'll never find her. I have to keep this as quiet as possible, so Ingrid will never know we're on to her.

Jessica: Well, I'm coming with you.

Chester: So am I.

Burt: Hold on. It's better if only I go. That way, the odds of Ingrid finding out will decrease.

Jessica: Burt, I'm their mother. I should be there.

Burt: OK, Jess, you can come along too.

Jessica: Well, we might need an attorney there. I'm going to call E. Ronald.

Burt: Oh, that's a good idea, actually.

<Jessica goes to the phone.>

Chester: No way am I letting Jess go with Mallu to Texas. I'm coming too.

Burt: What is this? A family trip?

Chester: I have to, Burt.

Burt: Fine...

Danny: Burt, I'm coming too.

Burt: No, Danny. We just got into office. We need someone to stay here and keep an eye on things.

Danny: But you could use me there.

Burt: Danny, I'd rather have you here keeping an eye on things.

Danny: OK...I'll stay.

Burt: OK...Billy, are you sure you don't want to come too?

Billy: Nah...I need to keep an eye on Leslie. She's still in the hospital.

Burt: Oh, Leslie...The teacher. I remember her. What's the capital of Canada?

Billy: That's her.

<Jessica comes back from talking on the phone.>

Jessica: I just spoke to E. Ronald. He said he'll be thrilled to come along.

Chester: I'll bet.

Burt: OK, then it's all settled.

Jessica: Benson, will you call the airline and order the tickets for us?

Benson: No.

Jessica: Benson....

Benson: Oh, alright...

<Benson leaves the living room.>

Burt: We'll be in Texas within 24 hours...And we'll bring Eunice and Corinne and Dutch home. I just know it.

Ingrid Svenson's Dungeon
<Corinne is still digging with Eunice's shoe, while Eunice is digging with her other shoe at another end of the wall>

Corinne: How's your end of the wall coming along?

Eunice: It's not. This is going to take days.

Corinne: Not if we work nonstop.

Eunice: Wait a minute, Corinne. What do you mean by nonstop?

Corinne: I mean 24 hours a day.

Eunice: With no sleep?

Corinne: No sleep, no nothing. Just digging.

Eunice: But I'll have dark circles under my eyes.

Corinne: Eunice, if we don't get out of here, it won't matter, because you'll be dead. Now shut up and start digging.

<Eunice gives up and continues to dig. Corinne continues to dig too. There's silence for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden Corinne stops.

Corinne: Eunice, come over here for a second.

Eunice: What now? Did you come up with another brilliant plan?

Corinne: Eunice, will you just come over here?

Eunice: Oh, alright. (She comes to Corinne's end) Now what?

Corinne: Listen....I think I heard something through the wall.

Eunice: Oh, Corinne, you're just imagining stuff.

Corinne: No, I'm not. I really heard something. Listen...

<Eunice puts her ear to the wall. After a moment, she turns to Corinne.>

Eunice: You're right. There was a sound.

Corinne: What is it?

Eunice: It sounded like someone was crying.

Corinne: There's someone trapped behind this wall.

Eunice: Oh my god...What are we going to do?

Corinne: Go back to your end and keep digging. Then gradually make your way towards my end. I'll do the same. We should meet in the middle and be able to knock down this whole thing.

Eunice: OK. Let's do it.

<Eunice goes back to her end and starts digging. Corinne resumes her digging as well. Freeze frame and fade to black on the two of them working.>

Announcer: Will Carol's plan to break up Mike and Wendy work? Now that Wendy and Mike have declared their love for each other, will they want to be broken up? Will Leslie ever wake up out of her coma, and if she does, what will Billy do? Now that Burt is sherriff and Danny is deputy, what will happen to the citizens of Dunn's River? Will anything happen between Jessica and Mallu down in Texas? Will Chester let anything happen? Will Burt succeed in saving Corinne and Eunice? And who is the person behind the wall, and will Corinne and Eunice be able to save them? These questions and many others will be answered in the next episode of