Also Starring:

Mary's Lookalike

Maggie Chandler

Scotty Campbell



Sheldon Harris, the D.A.

Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 24

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Carol met Mike and introduced herself as Wendy's mother. Mike was surprised that Wendy hadn't told him that her mother was back. Later, Carol surprised Scotty by telling him that she's planning on breaking up Mike and Wendy. Maggie and Jodie are in love, and it's no surprise that they've moved in together. Billy wasn't at all surprised when the doctor told him that Leslie would be paralyzed as a result of being shot. Leslie, however, was surprised when Billy told her the bad news. Leslie then surprised Billy by telling the police that Billy had shot her on purpose. Nobody was surprised when Danny arrested Billy for attempted murder. Dutch is still in jail, and it's no surprise that he's upset. Suprisingly, however, he gave Burt an important clue. Burt rushed off to find Ingrid, but may get a surprise of his own. But the biggest surprise of all came to Corinne and Eunice, when they tore down the wall of the dungeon, and found to their surprise a woman that looks exactly like Mary Campbell.

Surprised? You won't be after this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Dunn's River Police Department
<The door to Burt and Danny's office opens, and Billy is pushed in by Danny. The D.A. is already in the office.>

Billy: I keep telling you, I didn't do anything!

Danny: I'm sorry Billy but this is procedure.

<Billy sits on a chair, and Danny and the D.A. stand above him.>

D.A.: Well if it isn't our hot-headed little murderer.

Billy: I didn't murder anybody!!

D.A.: No, but you attempted to murder someone. That's enough to convict you and send you to jail.

Danny: Alright, let's take it easy....for starters, who are you?

D.A.: I'm Sheldon Harris, the D.A.

Danny: D.A.???

D.A.: Yes you know...D.A....District Attorney...

Danny: Oh, the D.A.!!! Of course, how are you doing Mr. Harris?

D.A.: I'm great, Deputy Dallas.

Danny: Billy, this is the D.A.

Billy: No kidding!!

Danny: Really, this is the D.A. It's short for District Attorney. He's the guy who's hired by the state to appear in court in cases like yours, and...

Billy: I know who he is!!!

Danny: You do? Wow, you're good.

Billy: Listen, if you're going to arrest me and prosecute me, I want a lawyer!

Danny: You don't need a lawyer. You need to answer a few simple questions and that's it.

Billy: Then let's get on with it.

D.A.: I have a question. Why did you do it?

Billy: I didn't do it!!!

D.A.: You've already admitted to shooting Leslie Walker. Why don't you just admit that you wanted to kill her too?

Billy: Because I didn't!!

<Billy and the D.A. start shouting at each other.>

Danny: Alright!!! Alright!!! That's enough! Mr. Harris, I'll do the questioning here if you don't mind.

D.A.: Alright, go ahead.

Danny: OK, now I'll ask my own question....Billy, you've already admitted to shooting Leslie. Why don't you just admit that you wanted to kill her too?

Billy: That's the same question he just asked me!!

Danny: OK...what's the answer?

Billy: The answer is I didn't try to kill her. She pulled the gun on me because she's crazy. It was all part of her plan and when that backfired, she lied to get me in trouble. She's crazy, can't you see?

<The door opens and Benson enters.>

Billy: Benson! Thank god! Please tell them I'm not a murderer!

Benson: He's not a murderer.

D.A.: Who are you?

Benson: I'm his butler. And Billy would never kill anyone.

Billy: You see?

D.A.: How nice. The butler is defending the murderer. Look, Deputy Dallas, we have enough to send Mr. Tate to jail for a long time. When he gets a lawyer, I'll be back and we'll question him again.

<The D.A. leaves.>

Benson: Nice warm guy.

Danny: He is...isn't he?

<Benson glares at Danny like he's crazy.>

Billy: Look, can I just go home? I've told you everything I know.

Danny: Well I'm sorry but you can't go home. You're a suspect and I have to lock you up.

Billy: But...

Danny: I'm sorry. It's only overnight. Tomorrow morning we can have a bail hearing. Now, I need some fingerprint samples.

Benson: Can we have a minute please? It's important.

Danny: Oh alright, but just one minute.

Benson: Billy, don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Billy: You've got to help me, Benson.

Benson: Don't worry, I'll get a hold of your family. And I'll find you a good lawyer.

Billy: Mallu?

Benson: I said a GOOD lawyer. Maybe I'll call Franklin.

Billy: OK...anybody. Just help me.

Benson: I will.

Danny: Time's up.

Benson: OK...Billy, you'll be ok. It's only for overnight.

Danny: Let's go, Billy.

<Danny leads Billy away in the direction of the cells.>

Benson: Damnit, I won't be able to reach the Tates in time for the bail hearing. And I don't have enough money for the bail. What do I do?...Wait a minute, I got in. I know someone who will pay the bail. Saunders. He's rich, he's powerful, and he owes me for trying to kill me.

<Benson picks up the phone and starts dialing.>

Ingrid Svenson's Dungeon
<Corinne and Eunice have just found Mary's lookalike. They're staring at her.>

Corinne: Aunt Mary....I can't believe it.

Mary's Lookalike: What??? Who are you?

Eunice: It's me, Eunice...and Corinne. We're your nieces. Don't you recognize us?

Mary's Lookalike: I have no idea what you're talking about....I'm...hungry...I've been locked here for so long...

Eunice: We thought you were dead, Aunt Mary...

Mary's Lookalike: I'm....who's Mary?

Corinne: You are.

Mary's Lookalike: I don't know who I am. I don't remember....I don't remember anything.

Eunice: What do you remember?

Mary's Lookalike: The last thing I remember is waking up here. It was so long ago...I don't know how many years it's been...But I have put a mark on the wall to see how many days have passed in hopes that someone will save me.

Corinne: Eunice, go count the marks on the wall.

Eunice: Why me?

Corinne: Because I'm going to take care of her...she's obviously very weak.

Eunice: Oh, alright.

<Eunice heads over to the wall where Mary's Lookalike placed the marks.>

Corinne: Are you thirsty? Do you have anything to drink?

Mary's Lookalike: Well, the Swedish lady always gave me food and drinks but these last few weeks she hasn't been by.

Corinne: Did the Swedish lady lock you up in here?

Mary's Lookalike: I don't know...but she...always used to...check up on me...

Eunice: Corinne! You won't believe how long she's been locked up in here. I haven't counted all the marks but there are enough here for at least 14 years. It's awful...

Corinne: Eunice....what did you just say?

Eunice: That there were enough marks here for at least 14 years.

Corinne: Oh my god...Eunice, don't you realize what you just said?

Eunice: No...what?

Corinne: Aunt Mary died 14 years ago...could it be?

Eunice: You're right...oh my god...

<All of a sudden, Mary's Lookalike faints.>

Corinne: We've got to help her!!

<Corinne and Eunice rush to help Mary's Lookalike. The camera fades to black.>

<Carol and Scotty sit together, finishing a meal.>

Carol: Wow, that was delicious.

Scotty: Well, anything for you.

Carol: sweet. You know, no man has ever treated me like this before.

Scotty: Well, you're very special to me, Carol. I mean it.

Carol: Really?

Scotty: Yeah...I never thought that any woman will want me. But you proved me wrong.

Carol: That's really sweet...I don't know what to say.

Scotty: You don't have to say anything. I just wanted to let you know that I feel great being with a mature woman.

Carol: Well, Scotty, I'm really happy to have helped your self-esteem. can help me in return.

Scotty: You know I'll do anything for you.

Carol: Good....Now, how will we break up Mike and Wendy?

Scotty: I don't

Carol: That's what we have to figure out.

Scotty: It's going to be hard. They're crazy about each other.

Carol: Well...that's where you come in.

Scotty: Me?

Carol: Yes. You need to start telling Wendy that Mike is no good for her.

Scotty: I can do that...

Carol: Sure you can! You're very persuasive.

Scotty: I am?

Carol (in a sexy voice): Very....

Scotty: Consider it done!

Carol: Good. I'll take it from there.

Scotty: What will you do?

Carol: Oh I don't know yet...but don't worry, Mike and Wendy will be history before we know it.

Scotty: You're the boss!

<Someone appears behind Scotty and Carol.>

Jodie: Well, what have we here?

<Carol and Scotty turn around and see Jodie and Maggie standing there.>

Scotty: Jodie...

Jodie: Hello, Scotty.

Scotty: You know Carol, don't you?

Jodie: I do....and may I ask what you're doing with her?

Carol: Well, Jodie, we were...

Scotty: Carol and I are on a date.

Jodie: You and her?

Scotty: That's right...What, did you think that no one will ever love her again just because you treated her like dirt?

Jodie: What are you talking about? If anyone treated someone like dirt, it was her.

Carol: Oh stuff it Jodie. Just take your little tramp and get the hell out of here.

Maggie: How dare you...

Jodie: Maggie, let me handle this....(to Carol) How dare you??

Carol: If the shoe fits...

Jodie: That's it!! Get out of here Carol, and leave my family alone.

Scotty: Don't talk to her like that!!

Carol: Scotty...that's ok. I'm going to head back to my hotel right now.

Scotty: Wait...let me drive you.

Carol: No...I think I'll just take a cab.

Scotty: Are you sure?

Carol: Yeah...But call me tomorrow, ok?

Scotty: You bet.

<Carol and Scotty kiss and she leaves.>

Jodie: Maggie, would you mind leaving me alone with Scotty?

Maggie: Sure....I'll go start the car. See you outside.

Jodie: OK.

Maggie: Good night, Scotty.

Scotty: Good night, Maggie.

<Maggie leaves.>

Jodie: Are you crazy? Going out with Carol, of all people?

Scotty: I know you hate her, but that's not going to stop me from being with her.

Jodie: Scotty, can't you see that she's just using you to get to me and Wendy?

Scotty: That's not true! She loves me! She told me so herself!

Jodie: Of course she told you she loves you! She told you that to get you wrapped around her little finger so she can use you!

Scotty: Damnit, stop it Jodie! I love Carol, she loves me, and whether you like it or not, we're going to be together.

Jodie: Scotty, just listen...

Scotty: No, you listen!! As soon as Dad gets back from out of town, I'm going to tell the whole family about me and Carol. You'll be seeing a lot of us together, so get used to it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm outta here.

<Scotty leaves.>

Jodie: What are you up to Carol? And how is Scotty involved? I'll have to keep an eye on Carol. I just can't have Wendy and Scotty get hurt. And if Carol does hurt any of them, she'll be sorry. <Jodie walks away.>

Ingrid's Apartment
<The doorbell in Ingrid's apartment rings. Alex opens it. Burt is there.>

Alex: Can I help you?

Burt: You Alex?

Alex: Who wants to know?

<Burt flashes his badge.>

Burt: Burt Campbell, Sherriff, Dunn's River, Connecticut.

Alex: Connecticut...What are you doing there?

Burt: I'm investigating the murders that Dutch Leitner was accused of.

Alex: Oh, I've heard about those.

Burt: What do you know about those murders?

Alex: Nothing. I heard about them in the news.

Burt: Well, Dutch Leitner identified you as a suspect, so I have to search this place.

Alex: He's crazy! I did know him, but I had nothing to do with those murders.

Burt: Just step aside and let me search the place.

Alex: You have no right to do that.

Burt: Yes I do.

Alex: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave before I call the cops.

Burt: Let me in!!!

Alex: Get out of here!! Now!!

<Burt punches Alex and pushes him aside The audience claps.>

Burt: Now to search the place.

<Suddenly Burt sees the steps leading to the dungeon.>

Burt: What the hell is this thing? I'd better to check it out.

<Burt disappears down the stairs. The camera shifts back to Alex, who's just getting up from being punched out by Burt.>

Alex: Damn that Campbell.

<Ingrid walks into the room.>

Alex: Ingrid!!! Burt Campbell just got in here. He went into the dungeon! I'd better go catch him!!

Ingrid: Oh, don't move. I'll take care of it.

Alex: What are you going to do?

Ingrid: Oh, don't vorry about it. Let's yust say that Burt Campbell vill not be getting out of there alive. And neither vill anyone else. They vill all die!!!

<Ingrid smiles. Hold on her smile and the camera fades to black.>

Announcer: Will Saunders agree to pay Billy's bail? Is it safe to guess it will cost more than 10 dollars? Will Billy be convicted of attempted murder, or will he be able to prove that Leslie lied? What is Carol up to? Will she and Scotty be able to break up Wendy and Mike, or will Jodie stop them first? Is Mary's Lookalike really Mary with amnesia? Will Corinne and Eunice be able to help her? And will Burt find Corinne and Eunice in time, or will Ingrid get them all? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of