Also Starring:

Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell



Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 25

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Billy was arrested for attempted murder, and the D.A. said he'll attempt to prosecute him, and he's sure the attempt will be successful. Benson attempted to help Billy when he called Saunders and asked him to pay Billy's bail. We still don't know if Benson's attempt was successful. Carol and Scotty have decided to attempt and break up Mike and Wendy, however Jodie would like to attempt to break Carol and Scotty up, and hopefully he'll be successful. Corinne and Eunice attempted to ask Mary's lookalike questions, but when she fainted, they decided to attempt to help her. Burt attempted to help Corinne and Eunice by tracking down Alex and punching him out. He then found Ingrid's dungeon and decided to attempt to find Corinne and Eunice there. But Ingrid has other plans, as she plans to attempt to make Burt's attempt very unsuccessful

Confused? You won't be if you attempt to stay tuned for this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Ingrid's Dungeon
Announcer: We begin this episode of Soap, where we left off, with Burt finding Ingrid's dungeon.

<We see Corinne and Eunice trying to help Mary's Lookalike, who is out cold.>

Corinne: Cold cloth! Get a cold cloth!

Eunice: OK.

Corinne: I can't believe she fainted.

Eunice: I know...that is so icky!!

Corinne: Oh Eunice, grow up.

Eunice: What was that supposed to mean?

Corinne: Just get a cold cloth already!

Eunice: Oh, alright.

<Eunice walks away as Corinne continues to try to help Mary's lookalike.>

Corinne: Oh no, her pulse is really getting weak....she needs to get to a hospital and quick...

The Entrance to the Dungeon
<Burt walks into the dungeon.>

Burt: Damn, what is this place? It looks awful.

<Some dust flies in Burt's face and he starts coughing.>

Burt: Man...this is awful. But I'm sure I'm getting close....I just know it.

<Alex gets up from being punched out by Burt, and sees Ingrid walk in with a box.>

Alex: What's that?

Ingrid: I'm going to make sure that Burt Campbell never finds his little nieces. Ha!

Alex: What are you going to do?

Ingrid: Vell I'm going to trap them here forever and then I'm going to get out of here.

Alex: Good....I can't wait till we escape.

Ingrid: Vhat do you mean, ve? You are not coming vith me.

Alex: What??

Ingrid: That's right! You vill suffer for being so incompetent and letting Burt Campbell in here.

Alex: But...

<Ingrid puts a cloth on Alex's face and he faints.>

Ingrid: Ha! Vhen he vakes up he vill remember none of this....and as for the rest of them, they vill all have a fiery end....ha ha ha ha!!

<Ingrid takes out a match.>

In the Dungeon
<Corinne and Eunice are still tending to Mary's Lookalike.>

Eunice: What do you think is wrong with her?

Corinne: I don't know, but her pulse is very weak...we need to get her to a hospital and quick.

Eunice: Oh my god...she's going to die. Corinne: Damn....I hear footsteps! Someone is coming.

Eunice: What should we do?

Corinne: Put a blanket over her. We need to cover her up so no one knows we found her.

<Eunice covers up the woman as the footsteps get closer.>

Burt: I know I'm getting close. I can just feel it...Wait a minute....what's that noise?

<Burt takes out a bat.>

Burt: Always good to be prepared.

<Burt walks and gets closer to the noise. He picks up the bat and prepares to slam it.>

Corinne: Ahhhhh!!

Burt: Corinne?

Corinne: Burt?

<Burt puts the bat down.>

Burt: Oh my god, Corinne, it's you!

Corinne: Yes it is! Thank god you found us, Burt!

<Corinne and Burt hug.>

Burt: Where's Eunice?

Corinne: Oh she's right....right....Eunice??

<Eunice's voice comes out from under the couch.

Eunice: Corinne, is it safe to come out yet?

Corinne: I think it is, Eunice. It's Burt! He came to save us.

<Eunice jumps out.>

Eunice: Oh my god! It is Burt!!!

<Eunice hugs Burt.>

Burt: Listen, it won't be long before Ingrid catches us, so we should leave while we still can. Are the two of you ok?

Corinne: We're fine....but, Burt, we found...

Burt: We have no time! We have to get out of here now.

Corinne: But Burt...

<All of a sudden Ingrid's face appears on a monitor in the room.>

Ingrid: So long, suckers! Ha!

<Ingrid holds up a lit match. She throws it on the ground and the monitor turns off.>

Burt: Damn! She's set the place on fire. We need to leave now!

Eunice: Ah, Burt...

Burt: There's no time Eunice.

Eunice: But you have to see this...

Burt: Alright, alright. What's so urgent that I have to see?

<Corinne takes off the blanket to reveal Mary's lookalike. Burt is stunned.>

Burt: Mary...What is she doing here?

Corinne: We don't know Burt....but she's hurt and she needs a doctor. We should...

<Suddenly smoke comes out and things start falling.>

Burt: Oh no! We have to get out of here and now!!

<Burt grabs Mary's Lookalike and starts running. Corinne and Eunice follow.>

Burt: We've got to make it out of here....

<Burt continues to run as the fire gets larger.>

Corinne: Oh no...Look that wall's going to come down.

Eunice: And it's going to hit either Burt or....Aunt Mary.

<We see Burt running. He doesn't stop in time and we see the wall collapse on top of him and Mary's Lookalike. The screen fades to black.>

Dunn's River Police Department
<Saunders and Benson stand outside the prison.>

Saunders: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Benson: Oh come on. You've worked for the Tates for so many years, you can at least pay Billy's bail.

Saunders: Yes, but you see, the reason I stopped trying to kill you is because I realized exactly how long it's been....Finally I got a chance to get out, but no! You had to pull me back in.

Benson: Oh stop whining already.

Saunders: Well, you know as well as I do that this family deserves to be locked up.

Benson: You're right, but they don't deserve to be locked up in a prison. I was thinking more along the lines of a mental institution.

Saunders: Ha! Not even a mental institution can help this family. They're beyond help.

<The door opens and Billy comes out.>

Benson: Billy! Are you ok?

Billy: I'm fine...but one night in prison really got to me. There are some real weirdos in there.

Saunders: None of which are weirder than the members of your own family, I'm sure...

Benson: Well, I'm glad you're alright. In a few weeks, your trial will begin.

Billy: There will be no trial!! I'm going to prove that Leslie lied. I don't know how, but I will.

Benson: Look, why don't you worry about that tomorrow.

Billy: OK....Saunders, thanks for paying my bail. I don't know how to thank you.

Saunders: Oh...just buy me a scarf or something.

Billy: I think I want to invite you to dinner with my family one night.

<Saunders' eyes open wide in horror.>

Saunders: Oh no. That's ok. I'm on a diet, I don't eat.

Billy: Well, we'll thank you some way. Billy Tate isn't a person who forgets people who help him.

Saunders: How nice....Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a nice hot tub, and I can't wait.

<Saunders leaves.>

Billy: You know, I've never been able to figure him out.

Benson: You and everyone else in this town....Come on Billy, let's go home.

Billy: No!!

Benson: I beg your pardon?

Billy: I mean...I want to take a walk for a little bit. Just to get some fresh air. I'll be home later.

Benson: Are you sure?

Billy: Yeah, I'm sure.

Benson: OK....If you need me you know where to find me.

Billy: I do...see you later, Benson.

Benson: Bye.

<Benson leaves.>

Billy: Alright, now I'm going to find Leslie....And when I do, she'll regret messing with me...

Campbell Home
<Wendy sits on the couch reading a book. The door opens and Scotty walks in.>

Scotty: Hi.

Wendy: Hi.

Scotty: What's new?

Wendy: Not much. I just came home.

Scotty: You were on a date with Mike?

Wendy: Yeah...he's great.

Scotty: That's nice....listen, Wendy, can I talk to you?

Wendy: Sure. What's on your mind?

Scotty: Well, I'm thinking about you and Mike. Are you sure you oughta be seeing him so much?

Wendy: What do you mean?

Scotty: Well...this guy is learning to be a computer programmer, and you're not doing much with yourself. You're from completely different worlds.

Wendy: I know, but I've been thinking. And I want to study too. I want something to come out of me. So I'm going to go to college too.

Scotty: That's nice....but Wendy, let me put it this way: Mike is not the man you think he is.

Wendy: I don't understand...

Scotty: Well, I don't want to hurt you....but when I was away at college, I met a lot of smart guys like Mike. And....they usually went out with really smart girls like them. And whenever a smart guy like MIke went out with a girl who wasn't as smart...he usually just took advantage of her and dumped her.

Wendy: I don't get what you're trying to say...

Scotty: What I'm saying is that I saw this happen time and time again: There was no future. There was no love. It was all empty. And I don't want to see that happen to you, Wendy. Because you're too nice for a guy like that to come and take advantage of you. I just want you to keep that in mind.

Wendy: Alright....You're right. I have to be careful not to get hurt. And I'll keep this in mind.

Scotty: Great. You just look out for yourself.

Wendy: I will...thanks, Scotty.

<Wendy hugs Scotty.>

Wendy: Wow, I'm bushed. I think I'm going to head upstairs.

Scotty: Good night.

Wendy: Good night.

<Wendy goes upstairs.>

Scotty: Wow...that was easier than I thought...well done, Scotty. Carol will be proud.

<Scotty smiles.>

<Chester, Jessica, and Mallu are in the waiting room.>

Mallu: Gee, I wonder why Burt wanted us to meet him in the hospital.

Chester: Mallu, you idiot. He said there was a fire. When there's a fire and people get hurt, they get sent to the hospital.

Mallu: Hmmm....good point, Tate.

Chester: Jessica....why did we have to bring him along?

Jessica: Now, now, Chester...behave.

Chester: Oh, alright.

Jessica: I'm really worried. I mean, Burt sounded really frantic on the phone. I just hope everything will be alright.

Mallu: It'll be fine. I'm sure. I've been in millions of fires. Everything will be fine.

Jessica: It will?

Mallu: Sure it will. Usually only 2 or 3 body parts end up being amputated. 4 at the most...

Jessica: Oh my god...

Mallu: Of course, there was that one time where I saw a guy lose 6 body parts...boy, was that brutal!

Chester: Shut up, Mallu. Jessica, don't listen to him. Everything will be fine.

<The door opens and Eunice and Corinne come out.>

Corinne: Ma?

Jessica: Corinne! Eunice!

Eunice: Mother!

<Corinne and Eunice run and hug Jessica first, then Chester.>

Chester: Thank god you're both alright!

Jessica: Is everything ok? Burt told us there was a fire.

Corinne: We're both fine, Ma. Really.

Jessica: Thank god! I was so worried!!

<Jessica hugs Corinne and Eunice again.>

Chester: What about Burt?

Eunice: He's being examined by the doctor. He had a wall fall on him.

Jessica: Oh dear...

<The door opens and Burt walks out.>

Jessica: Burt! You're ok!

Burt: What...yeah...fine. Just a few bruises. I'll be as good as new in no time.

Jessica: Thank god....What about Ingrid?

Burt: Well...she got away.

Jessica: Oh no...

Burt: But don't worry. We found her main helper. He was half conscious. We got him though. He's being treated and I have two men watching him.

Corinne: Alex is the one that Ingrid said did the murders. When he wakes up all we have to do is get him on our side and he'll get Dutch free.

Eunice: It's a matter of a few hours...a few days at the most before Dutch is free.

Jessica: Good, and then we can all get out of here and get back to Connecticut.

Burt: Well, Jess....not quite.

Jessica: Why not?

<Burt exchanges glances with Corinne and Eunice who nod, signalling Burt to keep talking.>

Jessica: Burt...what's going on? Please, tell me.

Burt: Well....Jess, I don't know quite how to say this...

Jessica: Please just tell me, Burt.

Chester: Go ahead and say it, Burt...

Burt: OK, here goes....Um...when Corinne and Eunice were in Ingrid's dungeon, they found....they found...

Jessica: What did they find, Burt?

Burt: It's not what they found, it's who they found, Jess....They found....Mary.

<Everyone gasps. The camera holds on Jessica's shocked face and fades to black.>

Announcer: Now that Billy is out on bail, will he find Leslie? If he does find Leslie, is it safe to bet they won't have a friendly conversation? Will Scotty manage to break up Mike and Wendy, or is he getting himself into more hot water than he could ever imagine? Is Ingrid gone for good, or will she be back? Now that Alex has been caught, will he reveal the truth and set Dutch free? And now that Burt has told everyone about the finding of Mary's Lookalike, will we finally find out if she really is Mary? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of