Also Starring:

Mary's Lookalike

Maggie Chandler






Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 26

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Burt found Corinne and Eunice in Ingrid's dungeon. Burt was shocked to see Mary's lookalike in the dungeon. He didn't have enough time to get over it though, because Ingrid set the place on fire. Burt, Corinne, Eunice, and Mary's lookalike managed to get free from the dungeon, but Ingrid got away. Alex, however didn't get so lucky, and Burt got a chance to catch him. Benson got Saunders to pay Billy's bail and Billy got out of jail. Now he's hoping to get Leslie. Jessica and Chester finally got the chance to see Corinne and Eunice alive and well. Eunice and Corinne then got Burt to tell Jessica that they found Mary in the dungeon, and we hope that Jessica got the big scope of the news.

Did you get all confused? You won't be after this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
Announcer: We begin this episode of Soap, where we left off, with Burt telling Jessica about Mary being found.

Jessica: I....I can't believe it.

Corinne: It's true, Ma. Believe it.

Jessica: Mary....alive....

Burt: Well, we're not exactly sure that it is Mary.

Eunice: Yeah, she didn't remember us, or anything else.

Chester: Maybe this is another one of Ingrid's tricks. Maybe she made a Mary clone.

Burt: Who knows? I have an idea though.

Jessica: What, Burt?

Burt: Well Jess, maybe you can jog her memory.

Jessica: Jog her memory?

Burt: Yeah.

Jessica: But Burt, how do I jog a memory? I know how to jog with my feet, but to jog a memory?

Burt: No no, Jessica. What I meant is that you talk to her about past events, stuff you shared, things like that. That's what jogging her memory means.

Jessica: I see...

Chester: I'm going with you.

Mallu: Me too.

Jessica: Boys, boys...No. I have to go alone and do it myself.

<The doctor comes out of the waiting room>

Burt: Doctor, what's the prognosis?

Doctor: Well, she suffered a lot of smoke inhalation, and she bruised her head from the wall falling on her, but she's stable.

Eunice: Will she be ok?

Doctor: Well it's hard to tell at this point. But the odds are very good that she will make a full recovery.

Corinne: Oh, thank god.

Jessica: May I see her?

Doctor: Sure. Please, follow me.

<Jessica follows the doctor as the others stand with worried looks>

<Danny is looking at himself in the mirror>

Danny: You talking to me?....ARE YOU talking to me?....Well, I'm the only one here.

<Danny takes out the gun and points it at the mirror.>

Danny: I've always wanted to do that.

<There is a knock at the door>

Danny: I wonder who that could be.

<Danny opens the door. Gwen is standing there>

Gwen: Oh Danny.

Danny: Gwen?? What are you doing here?

Gwen: Danny, I need to talk to

<Gwen pushes past Danny and enters the room>

Gwen: Close the door.

<Danny closes the door>

Danny: Alright Gwen, what the hell are you doing here?

Gwen: Danny...I'm in trouble.

Danny: Well, I told you to stop hooking, didn't I?

Gwen: Danny, please...this is important.

Danny: Hold on one minute. Why don't we discuss how you left me all those years ago because you didn't love me?

Gwen: I had to leave you Danny.

Danny: What the hell does that mean?

Gwen: Look, that's not important right now. What's important is that I need your help.

Danny: OK...what can I do for you?

Gwen: Well, some people are after me.

Danny: What? Who?

Gwen: Gangsters. They're after me.

Danny: Well what can I do?

Gwen: You need to help me get rid of them.

Danny: Gee, I don't know, Gwen.

Gwen: I've thought of you often, Danny. All these years I've eaten myself up for leaving you. This can be another chance for us.

<Gwen kisses Danny>

Danny: I'll do what I can to help.

Gwen: Great.

Danny: Let's start.

Gwen: Alright, come to my place and we can start there.

Danny: You got it.

<Gwen leaves and Danny follows>

<Dutch is led into a room. Eunice, Corinne, Burt, Alex, and another cop are there already>

Dutch: Eunice! Corinne! You're alright!

Eunice and Corinne: Dutch!

<Eunice and Corinne run to Dutch and smother him with hugs>

Dutch: Help....can't....breathe....

<Eunice and Corinne let Dutch go>

Eunice: I'm just so happy to see you.

Corinne: Me too.

Alex: Can we just please get on with this?

Dutch: You!!!

Alex: Yeah, me. I'm gonna do you a favor, so shut up.

Dutch: What's he talking about?

Alex: That's right. I'm gonna help you. (To Burt) Can we get on with it?

Burt: Alright. Go. (To the other cop) Make sure you write down everything he says.

<The other cop nods>

Burt (to Alex): Talk!

Alex: Alright....I killed those women, not Dutch.

Burt: Why?

Alex: Because Dutch and I had a bad history. Ingrid Svenson offered me to help her get rid of Dutch. I killed those women and made it look like Dutch killed them. Ingrid paid me to do that.

Burt: Alright. Anything else?

Alex: Well, you might want these.

<Alex takes out the murder weapons>

Alex: Ingrid had duplicates of the weapons made so that the cops would find the duplicates in Dutch's possession and convict him.

Burt: Unbelievable.

Alex: That's all I have to say.

Burt: Thanks. You'll be taken to a judge as soon as possible and be sentenced. You'll probably get 25 years.

Alex: Well I wouldn't do that if I were you, Sherriff.

Burt: Why?

Alex: Because I can give you more information on Ingrid Svenson than you've dreamed possible. But, you have to promise me I won't go to jail.

Burt: You mean, like make a deal with you?

Alex: You got it.

Burt: Alright, it looks like we have no choice.

Corinne: Burt! He framed Dutch and not only that, he helped kidnap us.

Burt: Corinne, we have no choice if we want to catch Ingrid. (To the other cop) Call the D.A. We need him to make this deal.

<The other cop nods and then leads Alex out of the room>

Burt: Oh Dutch, I almost forgot. You're free to go home.

Dutch: Finally...

Burt: See you all later.

<Burt leaves the room>

Eunice: Oh Dutch, I missed you so much.

Corinne: So did I.

Dutch: I missed you both too.

<Dutch hugs Corinne and Eunice>

Dutch: How about we go celebrate my freedom?

Corinne: Great idea.

Eunice: Yeah, great.

Dutch: Alright, let's go.

<Dutch puts his arms around Corinne and Eunice, and they all leave the room>

<Jodie and Maggie are in bed together, having just finished a romantic dinner>

Maggie: That was absolutely fantastic.

Jodie: You mean, the food or the part that came after?

Maggie: Both.

<Jodie smiles and kisses Maggie>

Jodie: One of the greatest decisions I ever made in life was to move in with you.

Maggie: You really mean that?

Jodie: Yeah. I do. I love you.

Maggie: I love you too.

<Maggie and Jodie kiss again>

Jodie: So, how about some dessert?

Maggie: That sounds like an excellent idea.

Jodie: OK. I'll go get some.

Maggie: I'll come too.

Jodie: No. You just stay right where you are, and I will wait on you.

Maggie: But...

Jodie: No buts. I won't hear any arguments.

Maggie: OK.

<Jodie smiles and leaves>

Maggie: If I didn't have him, I'd be completely alone in this world.

<Suddenly a hand is clamped over Maggie's mouth>

Man: Now, you'd better not scream, otherwise I will hurt you. You got it? <Maggie nods. The man lets her go>

Maggie: Paco??? What are you doing here?

Paco: I'm here to collect on an old favor.

Maggie: What are you talking about?

Paco: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Maggie: Forget it. That was years ago.

Paco: You seem to be forgetting how much information I have on you. Information that will be lethal to you if it's found out.

Maggie: You wouldn't...

Paco: You're right. I won't. Because I sold the information. And the person I sold it to might use it.

Maggie: Who did you sell it to?

<Paco smiles and points to the window. Carol climbs through it>

Maggie: Carol...

Paco: I see that no introductions are necessary here.

Maggie: Carol, what do you want?

Carol: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to let you know that the information about you is now mine, along with the favor you owe Paco. And I think I'll use that favor now.

Maggie: And what is it that you want?

Carol: Break up with Jodie.

Maggie: No chance in hell.

Carol: Alright then. Don't break up with him, and the information about you gets published.

Maggie: Ha! Jodie knows what a liar you are. He'll never believe you.

Carol: You don't understand it do you? I have plenty of ways to publish the information about you without Jodie knowing it's me.

Maggie: I'm not going to break up with him. Ever.

Carol: Have it your way. I'll give you some time to think about it. But not too long. After a while, your information will be out in the open.

<Carol and Paco leave. Maggie remains on the bed, shocked.>

<Jessica enters Mary's Lookalike's room. She is sleeping>

Jessica: Mary...

<Mary's lookalike wakes up.>

Mary's Lookalike: What??? Who are you?

Jessica: Oh Mary....I can't believe it.

Mary's Lookalike: Who's Mary?

Jessica: You are.

Mary's Lookalike: No I'm not...I don't know who I am, but I'm not Mary.

Jessica: Don't you recognize me at all?

Mary's Lookalike: No. I don't know who you are.

Jessica: It's me. Jessica.

Mary's Lookalike: Is it "me" or "Jessica"? Make up your mind.

Jessica: It's Jessica.

Mary's Lookalike: Sorry. I don't know any Jessicas.

Jessica: Oh my must have aphrodesia or something.

Mary's Lookalike: What???

Jessica: You know....when you don't remember anything.

Mary's Lookalike: That's amnesia.

Jessica: Right...see, you know what it's called. You must have it then.

Mary's Lookalike: I guess I do...I'm sorry. I just don't recognize you at all. But it looks like Mary was very lucky to know you.

<Jessica has tears in her eyes>

Jessica: I know that you really are Mary...I just know it. And I'll help you remember who you are.

Mary's Lookalike: If you can help me, that will be great.

Jessica: I will. I promise you.

Mary's Lookalike: if you'll excuse me, I'm still very tired. I think I'll take a nap.

<Jessica nods>

Jessica: Sleep tight.

<Jessica leaves the room>

Jessica: I know that it's Mary in there. I just know it. And I WILL help her remember that.

<The show ends with a split screen of Jessica and Mary's Lookalike>

Announcer: Now that Gwen needs Danny's help, will he help himself to her as well? Now that Dutch is out and Alex is in, will it get crowded in Dutch's room with both Corinne and Eunice? Now that Carol is blackmailing Maggie, will she leave Jodie, or will Carol leave with the information about Maggie? And now that Jessica has seen Mary's Lookalike, and she's convinced that she's really Mary, will Mary's Lookalike remember that she really is Mary? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of