Also Starring:

Maggie Chandler


Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell

Mike Caldwell

Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 27

Announcer: In the last episode of Soap, Billy was freed from jail, and decided to find Leslie and free himself of her accusations. Dutch was also freed from jail, and now he's free to choose between Eunice and Corinne. Gwen visited Danny and told him that some gangsters are after her, and asked Danny to help her get free. Since she's a hooker, she might offer him free services in return. Maggie found out that Carol has some disturbing information about her, which for she didn't get for free. And Jessica found out about the finding of Mary's lookalike, and she's determined to free her of her amnesia and prove that she really is Mary.

Confused? You won't be after this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.
<Chuck and Bob are seen sitting at the table playing cards>

Chuck: I have 3 kings and an ace. Beat that!

Bob: Ha!!! I have 4 aces!!! I win!

<Chuck throws his cards down in disgust>

Chuck: Were you cheating, Bob? Were you cheating?

Bob: No I wasn't just can't play.

Chuck: Bob...

Bob: Alright, alright...I was cheating. But with an airhead like you, cheating is easy.

Chuck: Hey...

<Chuck and Bob continue to argue. The door opens and Mike and Wendy enter.>

Wendy: Hi Chuck.

Bob: Well well well....if it isn't Wendy and...and...what was your name again?

Mike: Mike.

Bob: Pike. That's right.

Wendy: Chuck...would you mind to leave us alone?

Chuck: Sure, Wendy. Let's go, Bob. I'll get you a warm glass of milk.

Bob: OK, but try not to spill it on me this time. We're almost out of varnish.

<Chuck and Bob walk away>

Mike: They kill me every time.

Wendy: Yeah...and sometimes we want to kill them.

<Mike laughs and tries to get close to Wendy. She pulls away. We see Scotty eavesdrop from the top of the stairs.>

Mike: Are you alright, Wendy?

Wendy: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mike: Then why did you pull away from me?

Wendy: I'm sorry, Mike. I'm just worried about our relationship.

Mike: What's there to be worried about?

Wendy: Well, I'm beginning to think that we're not fit to be together.

Mike: Wendy...what are you talking about? I love you, you love me. We're fit.

Wendy: Come on, Mike. We're different. You're smart, I'm not. It doesn't work.

<Scotty smiles from upstairs>

Mike: Wendy, that's not true. I don't care whether you're smart or stupid, which you're not by the way. I care about your personality.

Wendy: I don't know...

Mike: I swear to you. I care about you. I would never do anything to hurt you.

Wendy: Do you mean that?

Mike: Yes. I love you, more than I've ever loved anybody or anything in this world.

Wendy: I love you too...I'm just scared of being hurt.

Mike: You have nothing to be scared of. I will never hurt you, or let anybody else hurt you.

Wendy: I believe you...

Mike: Good.

<Mike and Wendy kiss. The scene shifts to Scotty>

Scotty: Damn, that Mike is better than I thought...alright, plan A failed. Looks I'm going to have to come up with a plan B. But rest assured, I will break them up.

<Dutch, Corinne and Eunice are sitting in a restaurant eating.>

Dutch: Man, it's so good to be out of there.

Eunice: Oh honey, I can't even imagine how awful it was for you.

Dutch: It was....but the worst part was when Burt told me that the two of you were missing. I was scared...I was never so scared before.

Corinne: Well, it's all over now, Dutch. It's over and we're together.

Eunice: Or we would be, if you didn't stick your nose in.

Corinne: ME? You're the one who interfered in our life. Dutch loves me and not you.

Eunice: I'm his wife.

Corinne: To use the term loosely...

Eunice: You witch...

<Corinne and Eunice start fighting.>

Dutch: Girls!!! Girls!!! Stop right now!

<Corinne and Eunice stop>

Eunice: I'm sorry Dutch...I shouldn't be doing this on your first night out.

Corinne: I'm sorry too....but Dutch, don't you see that you have to choose between one of us? This is getting out of hand.

Eunice: Corinne is right, honey. We can't go on like this. This is the time to once and for all choose one of us.

Dutch: You mean now?

<Eunice and Corinne nod>

Dutch: Gee...I dunno what to do...I love both of you very much.

Corinne: And we both love you....but you have to choose.

Eunice: And it has to be quick before all 3 of us go crazy.

Dutch: I need some more time to think about it...

Eunice: Alright, take your time. But not too long.

Corinne: Eunice and I will stay in our hotel room together. You can get one on your own.

Eunice: That's right....until you decide.

Dutch: Well, alright.

Eunice: Good....let's go, Corinne.

<Corinne and Eunice leave Dutch at the table, thinking>

<Gwen and Danny enter the apartment>

Danny: Hey, this place is pretty neat.

Gwen: Thanks. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

<Gwen goes into the other room>

Danny: Boy, I could get used to living here.

<Danny sits down on the recliner. Gwen returns>

Gwen: I see you're enjoying yourself.

Danny: I am. This place is great.

Gwen: Well, I might lose it soon.

Danny: What??? Why??

Gwen: I told you. Some gangsters are after me.

Danny: Tell me the whole story.

Gwen: It all started when I was doing my job.

Danny: Your job?

Gwen: You know...the hooking...

Danny: Oh, right.

Gwen: Wow Danny, you haven't changed at all....anyway, one day a customer walked in and we know, what we usually do. So, when he paid me, I ended up owing him a lot in change. And I just didn't have enough money to pay him back.

Danny: Why, was business slow that day?

Gwen: Danny...

Danny: I'm sorry.

Gwen: So anyway, I promised I'd pay him back within a week. What I didn't know was that he was a gangster and that he added interest each day I didn't pay. So the debt just got bigger and bigger, and I've been getting these threats that if they I don't pay them back, they'd hurt me...

Danny: Oh no...

Gwen: It's already started...I've been receiving mysterious phone calls, and someone broke in here the other's just so awful.

Danny: Gwen, I'm sorry that you're going through all this.

Gwen: You are?

Danny: Yes...and I'm going to do everything in my power to help you.

Gwen: Oh Danny, thank you.

Danny: You're welcome...well, I'd better be going.

Gwen: No! You can't.

Danny: Why not?

Gwen: Because I'm scared to be alone. They might come in.

Danny: So what do you want from me?

Gwen: I want you to stay with me.

Danny: Gee Gwen, I don't know.

Gwen: Oh Danny, please...

<Gwen kisses Danny>

Danny: Oh...what the hell...

Gwen: I knew you wouldn't abandon me.

<Gwen leads Danny into the bedroom>

<Jessica is looking through some photos, when there's a knock on the door>

Jessica: Who is it?

Chester: It's me, Jess.

Jessica: Me Jess? Who's that?

Chester: Jess, it's me, Chester.

Jessica: Is it Me Jess or Me Chester?

Chester: Jess, it's Chester...remember me?

Jessica: Oh, Chester! Right!

<Jessica opens the door>

Chester: Hi Jess.

Jessica: Hi Chester. Come on in.

<Chester enters the room>

Chester: What are you doing, Jess?

Jessica: Oh, I was looking through some photos I had in my wallet of Mary and I.

Chester: must be really upset by the fact that we found that woman...

Jessica: That is not some woman. That's Mary.

Chester: But Jess, she remembers nothing about being Mary.

Jessica: I know...but deep down in my heart I know that it's Mary. That's why I'm planning to take her back to Connecticut with us.

Chester: What for?

Jessica: Well, the way I see it, if Mary is around familiar surroundings, like her house and her children, that might jog her memory and she'll remember who she really is.

Chester: Well, I suppose that couldn't hurt....but where will she stay?

Jessica: Why, at our house of course.

Chester: But Jess, we have no more spare rooms.

Jessica: Oh, Mary can just stay in the pool house.

Chester: But...that's where I'M staying!

Jessica: I see....well, you'll just have to sleep in the basement.

Chester: In the basement???

<Jessica nods>

Chester (in a whiny voice): But I don't want to sleep in the basement.

Jessica: Why not? It's very cozy.

Chester: It's cold, and filthy.

Jessica: Now Chester, come on, you're used to filth. After all, cheap motels were your second home...

<The audience claps>

Jessica: See? We've solved all the problems. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a shower. See you later, Chester.

<Jessica leaves. Chester just remains there with his mouth wide open>

<Maggie is on the couch reading a book, when Jodie walks in>

Maggie: Hi honey.

Jodie: Honey? I feel married...

Maggie: OK, what should I call you then?

Jodie: How about Jodie?

Maggie: Jodie....yeah, I suppose that could work.

<Maggie and Jodie start laughing. Jodie walks over and kisses Maggie>

Maggie: How was your day?

Jodie: Busy...yours?

Maggie: Pretty slow, actually. You know a detective's day you're busy, the next day you're doing nothing.

Jodie: That's life.

<Jodie picks up an apple>

Maggie: Oh by the way, we're meeting Wendy and Mike for dinner tonight. I made the reservation for 8 o'clock.

Jodie: That'll be great. I haven't had dinner with Wendy in so long...she must be really upset, with Carol being back in town and all...

Maggie (snapping at Jodie): Can you please not mention Carol again?

Jodie: Gee, what came over you?

Maggie: I'm sorry...I just can't stand the woman and her manipulations.

Jodie: I know...and I also know that she's up to something...but rest assured, I will not let her hurt our relationship, or Wendy.

Maggie: I know...

Jodie:'re right. Let's not talk about her tonight. I'm going to take a shower before we leave.

Maggie: Alright. See you soon.

<Jodie leaves. Maggie continues to read her book when there's a knock on the door. Maggie opens it to reveal a delivery boy>

Maggie: Yes?

Delivery Boy: Package for Maggie Chandler?

Maggie: That's me.

Delivery Boy: Sign here.

<Maggie signs for the package. The delivery boy gives her an envelope and leaves>

Maggie: I wonder what this could be.

<Maggie opens the envelope and pulls out what looks like pictures. She gasps at the sight of them. Carol appears at the door>

Carol: Nice, isn't it?

Maggie: You little witch...

Carol: Just a demonstration of what I'm capable of. If you don't break up with Jodie, that and more will be made public.

Maggie: I can't believe you...

Carol: Oh, believe...Now you know what I can do to you. Think about it.

<Carol leaves. Maggie closes the door, shocked. Freeze frame on her shocked face>

Announcer: Now that Chester has been exiled to the basement to make room for Mary's lookalike, will he bring someone down there to keep him company? Will Jessica be able to prove that Mary's lookalike really is Mary? Who will Dutch choose, Corinne and Eunice? Does he want to choose one of them? Will Scotty break up Wendy and Mike, or will he break up Chuck and Bob instead? What will happen between Danny and Gwen? Is it safe to bet it won't involve clothing? And now that Maggie has seen that Carol means business, what will she do? Will she break up with Jodie? And what is Maggie's secret? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of