Also Starring:

Mary's Lookalike

F. Peter Haversham

Maggie Chandler


Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell

Mike Caldwell



Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 28

In the last episode of Soap, Jessica decided that she will bring Mary's lookalike back with her to Dunn's River and she decided that consequently Chester will have to live in the basement. Chester was unhappy with the decision. Carol, who has decided to blackmail Maggie, showed her some disturbing pictures from her past and told her to break up with Jodie. Maggie is still undecided about the issue. Scotty meanwhile is following up on his and Carol's decision to break up Wendy and Mike. And Dutch has been released from prison, and now he must decide between Eunice and Corinne.

Confused? You won't be if you decide to stay tuned to this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.

<We see Leslie meeting with her lawyer.>

Leslie: And then he just tried to kill me.

<The lawyer's face is shown, and it is F. Peter Haversham>

Haversham: Boy, what a case against Billy Tate.

Leslie: We have to win! He left me paralyzed. I will never walk again.

Haversham: I know. But don't worry. If everything you tell me is true, then Billy Tate will never see the light of another day, because he'll be in prison for the rest of his life.

Leslie: I would much rather see his family have to pay me, and Billy to actually have to do some work for once in his life. That family has been looking down their noses at all of Dunn's River for far too long. It's time they pay!

Haversham: Well, whatever verdict we get, I can assure you the Tates will suffer.

Leslie: Well, that's enough for me.

<Suddenly loud voices are heard from outside. The door bursts open and Billy bursts in. A cop follows him>

Leslie: Billy! What are you doing here?

Billy: Leslie! I want you to tell everyone right now that you are framing me!

Leslie: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Billy: Stop lying to me! You know that you pulled the gun on me, and that it was self-defence on my part.

Leslie: Oh, Billy, just stop it.

<Leslie starts crying>

Billy: Oh, come on Leslie...come off it.

Leslie (sobbing): It's not enough that you shot you are...denying it...and putting me through all this torture.

Billy: What a liar!

Haversham: Look, Tate, why don't you just leave my client alone? You are obviously a major source of pain for her.

Billy: Who the hell are you?

Haversham: F. Peter Haversham, attorney. And the man who will make sure you pay for what you've done.

Billy: But...

Haversham: And let me assure you, it will get worse when we all testify to what you've done here today.

Cop: Mrs. Walker, would you like for me to take him away?

Leslie (still crying): Yes. Please do.

Cop (to Billy): Let's go.

Billy: But I'm innocent.

Cop: Let's go before I throw you into jail!

<Billy gives up and lets the cop drag him away, but he keeps screaming at Leslie as he is taken away>

Haversham: Don't worry, Mrs. Walker. After what he did here today, he will pay.

<Haversham leaves the room. When he is gone, Leslie lifts up her face and we see her smiling>


<Maggie, Jodie, Wendy, and Mike are eating dinner.>

Maggie: Boy, this restaurant is amazing.

Jodie: Amazingly expensive.

Wendy: Well that's ok, dad. You're paying.

Jodie: Well, I don't know...

Maggie: Oh come on Jodie, treat the kids to dinner once in a while.

Jodie: Oh, ok.

Maggie: Now that's more like it.

Jodie: I suppose I have a good reason. Corinne and Eunice are ok, Dutch is free, and everyone will be coming home shortly.

Mike: That is excellent news.

Jodie: It is.

<Meanwhile, Scotty and Jodie are at another table, watching the goings on>

Scotty: What do you think will happen?

Carol: It's only a matter of time until Jodie starts talking about me. You'll see.

<Back to Jodie's table>

Wendy: So why did you guys want to meet us here?

Mike: Yeah, and buy us dinner?

Jodie: Can't a father just want to please his daughter and her boyfriend?

Wendy: Come on dad, I know you better than that.

Jodie: OK, you're right. I had an ulterior motive.

Wendy: I knew it.

Jodie: I wanted to talk to you about Carol.

Carol (at the other table): Told you.

Wendy: There is nothing to talk about when it comes to her.

Maggie: Yes there is, Wendy. She's dangerous.

Jodie: And I know that she's up to something. You've gotta be careful.

Wendy: Dad, I'll be fine.

Jodie: I'm just worried about you.

Mike: Mr. Dallas, don't worry. I'll take of Wendy. And there's no way that Carol can get anywhere near her. Not as long as I'm around.

Maggie: Well, that certainly makes us feel better.

Jodie: Yes, it does. Thanks, Mike.

Mike: You don't have to thank me. The fact that I have Wendy is enough.

Wendy: Oh, Mike...

<Wendy and Mike kiss>

Jodie: I see that there are no problems.

Wendy: Well, what about you and Maggie? What if Carol tries to hurt you?

Maggie: Don't worry about us. We can take care of ourselves.

Jodie: That's right. So how about we toast a life free of Carol?

Mike: I'll drink to that.

<They all put their glasses together. Cut to Carol and Scotty>

Carol: Enjoy it while you can, Jodie. But rest assured, your life will NOT be free of me.

Scotty: What are you going to do?

Carol: Well...first it's time for you to reveal the truth about our relationship. And then, I have my own cunning plan that will destroy them all.

Scotty: Sounds interesting.

Carol: Oh it will be.

<Carol smiles>

<We see Danny and Gwen in bed. Danny stirs and wakes up.>

Danny (realizing that he is naked): Whoa!

<Gwen wakes up.>

Gwen: Good morning.

Danny: Gwen...what...what happened here last night?

Gwen: It's what I do best...and from what went on here, it seems that you do it pretty good yourself.

Danny: But...this wasn't supposed to happen. My job is to protect you from those guys who after you.

Gwen: I know...and you did a wonderful job of it.

Danny: I can't be with a hooker. What will the people think of the Assistant Sherrif going with a hooker?

Gwen: I'll stop. I promise.

Danny: But...

Gwen: Come on Danny. You and I both know that we had a great time last night. Let's just go on with it.

Danny: Well...I suppose that if you stop hooking then it couldn't hurt.

Gwen: I knew you'd see things my way.

<Gwen and Danny start kissing and pull up the covers on top of them. The camera moves to the window where a shadow watches the goings on in the bedroom.>

<We see Mary's Lookalike standing by her bed, fully dressed. There is a knock on the door and Burt comes in.>

Mary's Lookalike: Oh, come on in...uh...

Burt: Burt.

Mary's Lookalike: Right. Burt. I'm sorry.

Burt: Oh, that's alright. Lots of people forget my name. After all, Burt is not a very common name. Not as common as Ernie.

Mary's Lookalike: I suppose so. I wanted to thank you again from saving me from that fire.

Burt: Oh, it was nothing. I was right there.

Mary's Lookalike: But I do want to thank you for being so brave.

Burt: Wow, you look exactly like Mary...

Mary's Lookalike: Everybody's been telling me that.

Burt: That's because it's true. The resemblance is uncanny.

Mary's Lookalike: Were you and Mary very close?

Burt: I guess you can say that. We were married.

Mary's Lookalike: Oh...then this must really hurt you. Look, if it will be too hurtful for me to come back with you to Connecticut, then I will stay here.

Burt: Don't be silly. I'll be fine. Besides, Jessica wants you to come along and there's no changing her mind about things.

Mary's Lookalike: Jessica will live with it. I'll talk to her.

Burt: You come back with us. You have no family. You don't remember who you are. At least with Jessica you can live a good life.

Mary's Lookalike: What if it turns out that I'm not Mary? Then I'll just be in the way.

Burt: Nonsense. Once you join our family, you're there to stay. We don't give up on you that easily.

Mary's Lookalike: Really?

Burt:, the doctor said that you're all healthy and ready to go.

Mary's Lookalike: Great. So I guess we can get going.

Burt: Yeah.

Mary's Lookalike: Burt?

Burt: Yes?

Mary's Lookalike: You're a great person. Mary was lucky to have a husband like you.

Burt: No...I was the lucky one.

<Burt and Mary's Lookalike leave the room. Freeze frame on the empty room.>
Now that Billy has failed to make amends with Leslie, will he go to jail? Will the Tates be forced to pay Leslie, and if so, will they actually have to go to work? What is Carol's big plan against Jodie and his family? Will Danny and Gwen continue their affair, or will they continue to be stalked by the mysterious shadow? Will Mary's Lookalike find her true identity living with the Tates in Connecticut? If she does not find her true identity, what will she find?These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of