Also Starring:

Mary's Lookalike

Maggie Chandler

Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell

Mike Caldwell

Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 29

In the last episode of Soap, Leslie came up with a new plan to ruin Billyís life by saying that he tried to kill her. Carol is planning to ruin Jodie and Maggieís life and be with Wendy again, and meanwhile Scotty is planning to tell his family about his relationship with Carol. Jessica has come up with a plan to help Maryís Lookalike regain her memory: She is planning to let her live in the pool house, and as a result of Jessicaís plan, Chester should plan a new living arrangement. And we also need to find out whether Dutch is planning to choose Eunice or Corinne as the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with.

Confused? You won't be if you plan to stay tuned to this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.

<Billy, Benson, Danny, Jodie, Chuck, Bob, Maggie, Wendy and Mike are all in the living room.>

Billy: I canít believe that everyone is finally coming back. Iíve missed them.

Benson: Well, I havenít. Itís enough having to clean up after you, Billy. The rest of them are worse.

<The door opens and in come Burt, Chester, Jessica, Mallu, Corinne, Eunice and Dutch.>

Burt: Weíre home!

Billy: Corinne! Eunice!

<Billy runs over and hugs Corinne and Eunice>

Corinne: Oh Billy, itís so great to see you again.

Billy: Itís great to see the both of you again. Are you both okay?

Eunice: Oh, it was just awful in that dungeon. But weíre fine now.

Billy: Great.

Eunice: And the best part is that Dutch is finally out of jail.

Billy: Yes, that is great. Itís good to see you, Dutch.

Dutch: Great to see you too, Billy.

Billy: Mom, dad, itís great to see the two of you too.

Jessica: Itís wonderful to be back, Billy. How is everything with you? Has everything been okay?

Billy: Iíll tell you about it later.

Jessica: Oh, I canít wait to hear it. I hope itís good.

Benson: Oh, it will beÖ

Chester: So son, how was it to be all alone at home?

Billy: Surprisingly, I missed all of you a lot.

Benson: Well, I didnít.

Chester: Itís good to see you too, Benson.

Eunice: Well I donít about you guys, but Iím totally exhausted. Being locked up in a dungeon sure makes you tired.

Corinne: Iím tired too. So, Dutch, what do you say we go upstairs and get some rest?

Eunice: Oh is that what youíre calling it? Rest?

Corinne: Oh shut up, Eunice.

Dutch: Girls girls, please letís not fightÖyouíll share me!

Eunice: Okay, but I get you first.

Corinne: NO WAY!

<Corinne and Eunice continue to argue as they head upstairs with Dutch.>

Mallu: Well itís been fun. But I have to see some clients, soÖ

Chester: And donít come back.

Jessica: Chester, why donít you go too, down to your new home in the basement?

Chester: But, JessÖ

Jessica: NOW, Chester.

Chester: Oh all right. Bye everyone.

<Chester and Mallu leave >

Jessica: Benson, why donít you go prepare the menu for tonightís special dinner?

Benson: I guess I can do that.

Jessica: And Billy can help you.

Billy: I can?

Jessica: Yes, Billy.

Billy: Fine.

Jessica: Good, Iíll be along to help you shortly.

Benson: Okay.

<Benson and Billy leave. Now only Jessica and the Campbells are left in the room.>

Danny: So, BurtÖhow did it feel on your first job as the sheriff?

Burt: Oh, it felt great. Really great. And how were things here?

Danny: Things were good. Iíve prepared a memo for you.

Burt: Good.

<There is a moment of silence.>

Jessica: Oh BurtÖwhy donít you just tell them?

Jodie: Tell us what?

Burt: Oh, I canít.

Jessica: Come on, Burt. They have to find out eventually.

Jodie: What are you guys talking about?

Burt: Well, Jodie, Corinne and Eunice and Dutch werenít the only people we found in Texas.

Jodie: Whom else did you find?

Danny: Did you find any cowboys? Please tell me you found some cowboys, Burt.

Jodie: Danny, there arenít any more cowboys.

Danny: Yes there are. I saw this movie just the other day and the cowboys were all in it.

<Mike nudges Wendy>

Mike: And this guy is our deputy sheriff?

Wendy: I knowÖamazing isnít it?

Burt: Danny, forget the cowboys. We didnít find any cowboys.

Danny: OhÖso what did you find?

Burt: Wait here for a minute.

<Burt leaves and comes back holding the hand of Maryís Lookalike. He leads her into the room. Everyone gasps when they see her.>

Jodie: Ma?

Wendy: Oh my god. Itís my grandmother.

Mike: I thought you said she was dead.

Wendy: Thatís what everybody said.

Maggie: Okay. Mike, why donít you and I leave? This is family business.

Mike: Youíre right. Wendy, Iíll call you later.

Wendy: Okay.

Jodie: Thanks, Maggie.

Maggie: Youíre welcome.

<Maggie and Mike leave>

Danny: Ma! Donít you recognize us?

Maryís Lookalike: Who are all these people?

Burt: Well these are my sons Danny, Jodie and Chuck. And over there is my granddaughter Wendy.

Jodie: Burt, whatís wrong with her? Why canít she remember any of us?

Burt: Well, Iím not sure. Heck, weíre not even sure that this is really your mother.

Jodie: It has to be her!

Burt: For all we know this can be another one of Ingridís tricks.

Maryís Lookalike: Are you all Maryís family?

Danny: Yes, ma. Weíre your family.

Maryís Lookalike: Even him? <Points to Bob>

Bob: Of course. Mary was always my favorite person in the family.

Chuck: Donít lie, Bob.

Bob: Hey, donít call me a liar.

Chuck: But thatís what you are.

<Chuck and Bob continue to argue>

Maryís Lookalike: Iím sorry I asked.

Jessica: Chuck, why donít you and Bob go into the kitchen and help Benson cook dinner?

Bob: Great idea. I love cooking.

Chuck: Me too. But BobÖtry not to spill everything on me.

Bob: Well, youíre a klutz.

Chuck: So are you!

<Chuck and Bob leave the room while arguing>

Maryís Lookalike: Your son has got a wonderful act going there.

Burt: Well, unfortunatelyÖitís not an act.

Jodie: Just forget about them. Ma, weíre going to take you home and take care of you so you can remember.

Maryís Lookalike: Oh my godÖMary was so lucky to have a wonderful family like you. Iím sorry if me being here is causing you pain. Iíll leave.

Jessica: No you wonít. Jodie, she will stay here with me and I will get her to remember.

Jodie: Are you sure about this, Aunt Jessica?

Jessica: Yes, I am. Mary will stay with me and I will have the best doctors looking after her and helping her remember.

Jodie: I guess this will be okay.

Danny: Yeah. And weíll be by every day to visit.

Maryís Lookalike: I will like that.

Jodie: Great.

Maryís Lookalike: Boy, Iím getting tired. Can I just go to my room and sleep?

Jessica: Sure. Iíll show it to you. This way.

<Jessica and Maryís Lookalike leave>

Jodie: This is unbelievable.

Wendy: Itís like grandma is back from the dead.

Burt: Well I hate to put a damper on the celebration but weíre unsure that itís even Mary.

Jodie: It is her. I can feel it.

Danny: Me too.

Burt: Well, I can only hope that it is your mother. Now why donít we go home and come back later to see her?

<Suddenly the kitchen door opens and out comes Chuck without Bob. Then we see Bob being thrown out the door.>


Bob: Gee, what a grump. I just told him his chicken soup could use more flavor and he went nuts.

Jodie: Come on guys. Weíre going home.

<The Campbells leave>

<Corinne is sleeping, Dutch is next to her and Eunice is next to him. Corinne wakes up and touches Dutch

Corinne: DutchÖDutchÖ

Dutch: Just 5 more minutes, pleaseÖ

Corinne: Dutch wake up. Itís me, Corinne.

Dutch: Corinne!

Corinne: ShhhhÖEunice is asleep. I figured we could have some fun while sheís asleep.

Dutch: Okay.

<Dutch and Corinne start doing things while Eunice wakes up on the other side>

Eunice: Dutch, honey. Why donít weÖ

<Eunice touches Dutch and sees that heís with Corinne>

Eunice: Ahhhhhhh!!!

<Dutch and Corinne stop what theyíre doing as Eunice turns on the light>

Eunice: Oh Corinne, you witch!

Corinne: Shut up Eunice. You had him for 20 minutes before.

<Corinne and Eunice shout at each other>

Dutch: Okay, thatís enough!!!

<Corinne and Eunice stop fighting>

Dutch: Now weíve gotta face some facts here. Eunice, our marriage hasnít been the same in a long time. And Corinne, we canít continue just doing this anymore.

Eunice: Youíre right, Dutch.

Corinne: This canít continue. Youíll have to choose one of us.

Dutch: I know. And it has to be done right now.

Eunice: Oh just choose me like last time and letís get it over with.

Dutch: No, Iíve done a lot of thinking about this. Eunice, I love you, but unless youíre willing to go to a marriage counselor about our problems, I donít think we have a future.

Eunice: Okay, okay. Iíll do it. Iíll do anything to keep you.

Dutch: Do you mean that?

Eunice: Yes, I do. Weíll make our marriage work.

Dutch: Okay then. Weíll try.

Eunice: Oh, Iím so excited.

Dutch: Good, Eunice. So why donít you go outside and wait for me?

Eunice: Sure! Oh, I canít believe thisÖ

<Eunice leaves excitedly. Corinne and Dutch stay alone>

Corinne: Are you sure you want this?

Dutch: I have to try to make my marriage work. I wonít know for sure until I try.

Corinne: It wonít work, Dutch. Eunice is no good for you.

Dutch: Iíve got to try before I give up.

Corinne: Alright. I respect your decision. And when you do get tired of Eunice, I will be right here.

Dutch: You ainít leaving this time?

Corinne: No. I thought about it. Iím going to start working and make a life for myself here in Connecticut. And Iíll be waiting for you.

Dutch: Great.

<Dutch kisses Corinne>

Corinne: Well, your wife is waiting for you.

Dutch: Yeah, I know. See ya.

<Dutch leaves. Corinne sits down on her bed>

Corinne: We will be together again, Dutch. I can feel it.

<Jodie and Maggie are in the living room>

Maggie: So you didnít tell your family that you know what Scottyís big announcement is?

Jodie: How could I? How could I tell Burt that his son is going out with my worst enemy? The woman who left me at the altar and abandoned her daughter? And how could I tell Wendy that her mother is sleeping with her uncle? Hell, I donít even understand it.

Maggie: I know. Everything will be okay in the end.

<Burt, Danny, Wendy, and Chuck and Bob arrive>

Burt: So what could Scotty possibly want to tell us?

Bob: Maybe heís FINALLY moving out of here.

Burt: Oh Bob, just go stuff it.

Danny: Hey Jodie, did you speak to Aunt Jessica today about Ma?

Jodie: Yeah I did. She says that sheís fine. Sheís just tired.

Danny: Thatís a relief. But she still canít remember us.

Jodie: Itís only a matter of time.

<Scotty walks in through the front door>

Burt: Scotty! Itís so good to see you!

Scotty: Yeah, dad. Itís great to see you too. Iím glad you did so well in Texas.

Burt: How about you, son? Is everything okay with you?

Scotty: Iím fine, dad. Iíve never been better.

Burt: Well, when are you going to visit your mother?

Scotty: I will soon. I promise. I mean it will be so awkward to see a woman whoís supposedly my mother but I donít even remember her.

Burt: Maybe you can jog her memory.

Scotty: Okay. I will go see her. But firstÖ

Burt: Yeah, whatís this big announcement you wanted to make?

Scotty: Well dad, I just wanted to tell you that Iím in love.

Burt: Oh thatís great, son!

<Burt hugs Scotty>

Scotty: And I figured that itís finally time for you and everyone to see the woman who Iím in love with.

<Scotty opens the front door and Carol walks in>

Burt: Oh my godÖ

Wendy: Mother??

Carol: Yes, Wendy.

Wendy: You and Scotty?

Carol: Yes.

Wendy: Iím going to be sickÖ

<Wendy runs out of the room. Jodie and Maggie follow her>

Bob: Well, of all the women you could choose, Scotty, this is absolutely the worst one.

Burt: ChuckÖ

Chuck: Sorry dad. Come on, Bob. Letís go.

Bob: But the most exciting part is coming!

Chuck: BobÖ

Bob: Oh okay.

<Chuck and Bob leave. Burt looks at Danny>

Danny: Oh, look at the time. I just remembered I have an appointment down at the station. Iíd better get going.

Burt: Yes, youíd better.

Danny: Bye, Scotty.

<Danny leaves>

Burt: Carol, what have you done to brainwash my son into this?

Scotty: Dad, stop it!

Burt: No, I mean it. What are you up to?

Carol: Nothing. I just want to be with Scotty.

Burt: Oh, please. Youíre just looking for a way to worm your way into Wendyís life.

Scotty: Dad, thatís enough! Carol, please wait for me upstairs.

Carol: Gladly.

<Carol leaves>

Burt: Scotty, please listen to meÖ

Scotty: Dad, there is absolutely nothing you can do or say to change my mind. Iím going to be with Carol and thereís nothing you can do to stop it.

Burt: Scotty, just listen. That woman is no goodÖ

Scotty: Carol is trying to turn her life around, and itís people like you and the rest of this family that are ruining it for her, by always being rude to her. Now, you can either accept Carol or you Iíll leave the house!

<Scotty runs upstairs, leaving Burt alone>

<Jessica walks in with some albums and sees Maryís Lookalike>

Maryís Lookalike: Hi, Jessica.

Jessica: Hello. How are you feeling?

Maryís Lookalike: Iím good. Just tired.

Jessica: Thatís understandable.

Maryís Lookalike: Whatís this you brought?

Jessica: Oh, just some family photo albums. So that you can see some of the times that Mary and I had.

Maryís Lookalike: Oh, that will be nice.

Jessica <opening an album>: Here are Mary and I as little girls with our brother Randolph. We always used to tease him.

Maryís Lookalike: How lovely. I donít remember any of my family, or if I had any family for that matter.

Jessica: And here are Mary and her first husband.

Maryís Lookalike: What happened to him?

Jessica: Oh, Burt killed him and then Mary married Burt.

Maryís Lookalike: How niceÖ

Jessica: And this is Mary when Danny was born.

Maryís Lookalike: Which one is Danny? Is he the gay one?

Jessica: No, thatís Jodie. Danny is the one who is the deputy sheriff.

Maryís Lookalike: Oh right. The one who likes cowboys.

Jessica: Right.

Maryís Lookalike: Wow, you sure have a lot of pictures. Itís really nice.

Jessica: I know.

Maryís Lookalike: But I donít remember any of it. Iím sorry.

Jessica: Thatís quite alright. Your memory will come back in time.

Maryís Lookalike: I hope so. Youíve been so good to me, Jessica.

Jessica: Anything for you.

Maryís Lookalike: ThanksÖboy, I donít feel so good all of a suddenÖ.

<Suddenly, Maryís Lookalike faints>

Jessica: Oh no! Mary! Somebody, help!!

<Freeze frame on Maryís Lookalikeís face>
Now that Dutch has chosen to give his marriage with Eunice one last chance, will it be a good one? Will he get back with Corinne if it isnít? Now that Maryís Lookalike is living in the Tate house, will she remember who she is? Will she like what she remembers? What will happen with Carol and Scotty? Will they continue their relationship or will his familyís disapproval cause Scotty to see the truth? And what is wrong with Maryís Lookalike and why did she faint? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of