Also Starring:

Mary's Lookalike


Wendy Dallas

Scotty Campbell



Written By:

Elad Benari

Episode 30

In the last episode of Soap, Mary’s Lookalike arrived at the Tate house and her family was shocked at her arrival. Gwen arrived in Danny’s office and asked for his help from some gangsters who are after her and later Danny arrived in her apartment and did more than help her. Dutch arrived at the decision that he would like to work out his marriage with Eunice. After Burt arrived home from Texas, Scotty arrived with the news that he and Carol are seeing each other. And Jessica arrived at the pool house to try and jog Mary’s Lookalike’s memory, but instead Mary’s Lookalike fainted and has now arrived at the hospital.

Confused? You won't be if you stay tuned to this episode of SOAP.

This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates, and these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP.

Announcer: We begin this week’s episode of Soap in the hospital, after Mary’s Lookalike fainted

<Jessica, Burt, Danny, Jodie, Chuck and Bob, and Wendy stand outside a hospital room>

Wendy: How long can this take? I can’t stand this waiting.

Jodie: Calm down, honey. These things take time.

Wendy: I’m just so worried about grandma…

Burt: If she is your grandmother.

Wendy: She is. She has to be.

Danny: I agree with Wendy. It’s ma in there.

Jessica: But she didn’t remember any of the pictures of Mary that I showed her.

Jodie: It must be the amnesia. She just doesn’t remember.

Bob: Oh, who cares who she is? I kind of hope she isn’t Mary.

Danny: Why?

Bob: Well, if she is Mary and she ends up moving into our house, it’ll be one more person to bug me in there.

Jodie: Chuck, shut him up will you?

Chuck: Bob…why don’t we go check out the operating room?

Bob: Good idea. Maybe they’ll finally accept my help in removing someone’s spleen.

<Chuck and Bob leave. A doctor comes out. Everyone rushes to him.>

Jessica: Doctor, how is she?

Doctor: Well, I’m not sure why she fainted. We’re running some tests. Not having any medical records for her, it’s hard to figure out what’s wrong with her.

Jodie: When will we know?

Doctor: Hopefully later today. In fact I’m on my way down to the lab right now to hand in her test results.

Jessica: Is she awake? Can we see her?

Doctor: Yes, but please…one at a time.

<Doctor leaves.>

Danny: Me first!

Jodie: No way! I was here before you!

Wendy: I should be the first one.

Jessica: No. Me!

<Everyone is shouting at each other until Burt puts 2 fingers in his mouth and whistles.>

Burt: Hey guys. Why don’t we just make a line and go in one by one?

Danny: Yeah, I guess that could work.

Jodie: Okay.

<They all form a line outside the room>

<Billy, Chester and Mallu are sitting around the table. Benson is in the background cooking something. Jessica enters the kitchen.>

Jessica: Sorry I’m late. I was at the hospital.

Chester: How is she?

Jessica: She’s stable, but they’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with her.

Chester: She’ll be fine. I know it.

Jessica: I hope so…Now Billy, what’s this I hear about attempted murder?

Billy: Well ma, remember when I shot Leslie on New Year’s Eve?

Jessica: Sure I do. It was awful, wasn’t it? All bloody and everything…

Billy: Ma…

Jessica: And all that screaming. And the blood that got on the carpet in the basement…but then I suppose I could probably clean that up. Benson, did you get that carpet in the basement cleaned up?

Benson: Nope. I ain’t going down there.

Jessica: Why not?

Benson: Because I don’t like it down there.

Jessica: Well, how will the carpet get cleaned then?

Benson: Beats me.

<The audience cheers as Benson gets back to cooking.>

Billy: Anyway ma, Leslie told everyone that I tried to kill her, when in reality it was her that was going to kill me. I was just defending myself.

Jessica: I see…

Mallu: Well, you won’t have to worry about anything, Billy. I’ll get you out of this. That’s what I’m here for.

Chester: You’re sure you can get him out?

Mallu: Of course I can. One look at me, the judge will throw Haversham out the window. Besides, have I ever lost a case?

Billy: Okay Mallu, that’s great. Now what defense tactic are you going to use?

<Mallu looks at Billy as if he’s crazy.>

Mallu: How should I know? But don’t worry. I’ll come up with something. In the meantime, sit tight, don’t leave the house, and don’t try to kill anyone else.

Billy: I’m innocent!

Mallu: Oh yeah…I forgot. Okay, see you later.

<Mallu gets up to leave but stops and looks at Chester.>

Chester: What?

Mallu: Remember our agreement, Tate? We’re never supposed to be alone with Jessica in the house.

Chester: This is a family emergency, Mallu. I have to be here for my son.

Billy: It’s okay, dad. You can go. I’ll be fine, really.

Chester: Well I guess I can go back to the basement…but if you have any problems at all, call me and I’ll be here right away.

Billy: Thanks, dad.

<Chester gets up and leaves with Mallu. Jessica, Billy and Benson remain in the kitchen.>

Jessica: Benson, would you mind going upstairs and cleaning up my bedroom?

Benson: Yes, I would mind very much actually.

Jessica: Benson…

Benson: Fine…But I hate cleaning….

<Benson leaves the kitchen>

Jessica: Billy, did everything really happen the way you said it did?

Billy: I swear, ma. I’m telling the truth. It happened exactly as I described it.

Jessica: Good. I believe you. And you will beat this thing. I know it.

Billy: Thanks, ma. I love you.

<Jessica and Billy hug>

<Danny and Gwen walk into the office>

Gwen: Danny, I just wanted to thank you for last night.

Danny: I had fun.

Gwen: Me too.

Danny: I didn’t know you were such a great bowler.

Gwen: You wouldn’t believe the things you pick up while hooking.

<Danny pulls Gwen in for a kiss>

Gwen: Now, about those gangsters…

Danny: I told you not to worry about that. I mean, you haven’t received any threats since I’ve been taking care of you, right?

Gwen: Right. You’ve been amazing.

<Burt walks into the office.>

Burt: Danny, I was just reading your reports about the…oh, hello.

Gwen: Hello, Burt.

Burt: Gwen…hi.

Danny: Burt, you remember I told you that I was taking care of Gwen, right?

Burt: Yeah, of course.

<Burt pulls Danny aside.>

Burt: You sure about this?

Danny: Yes, I’m sure. This could be big for us. If these mobsters that are after Gwen are anything like she says they are, we could be bringing down a major crime ring.

Burt: Okay, fine. But you take care of yourself!

Danny: I will, Burt. Don’t worry.

Burt: Well I’m off for now. I have to go back to the hospital now.

Danny: You say hi for me.

Burt: Will do. Bye, Gwen.

Gwen: Bye, Burt.

<Burt leaves>

Danny: So, how about a nice, romantic dinner?

Gwen: Sounds great to me.

Danny: Okay. I’ll bring the car around front. Meet me there, okay?

Gwen: Sure.

<Danny leaves. Gwen takes out a cellphone and dials a number>

Gwen: It’s me…yeah, everything’s going according to plan. Don’t worry. No one will know. He’s falling for it like I knew he would. Sure, talk to you later.

<Gwen smiles and leaves>

<Scotty and Burt ware in the waiting room>

Scotty: Gee dad, I’m a bit nervous about this.

Burt: Nonsense, Scotty. This is your mother. You need to visit her.

Scotty: I guess you’re right…so, are you still mad at me about Carol?

Burt: Of course I am! I can’t believe you would even consider being with her after everything she’s put this family through, particularly Jodie and Wendy.

Scotty: Come on dad. You know about love, don’t you? Didn’t you feel the same way after you first saw mom?

Burt: You can’t even begin to compare Carol and your mother. From the first minute I saw your mother, I knew she had to be my wife. And I knew she was a good, honest person. And Carol is the complete opposite.

Scotty: Well, why don’t you let me find out myself about Carol?

Burt: I guess I have no choice do I?

Scotty: No, you don’t.

Burt: Okay then.

Scotty: Thanks, dad. You’re the best.

<Scotty hugs Burt>

Burt: I suppose it could be worse. You could be going out with a hooker, or talking to a puppet.

<The doctor comes out>

Doctor: You may now see her.

Burt: Is she awake?

Doctor: Yes. She’s awake and alert.

Burt: Let’s go in.

Scotty: I’m right behind you, dad.

<Burt and Scotty go into Mary’s Lookalike’s room>

Burt: Mary…

Mary’s Lookalike: Oh hello, Bart.

Burt: That’s Burt.

Mary’s Lookalike: I knew that.

Burt: There’s somebody I’d like you to meet. This is my son, Scotty.

<Scotty steps aside and when Mary’s Lookalike sees him she gasps.>

Scotty: Is everything okay?

Mary’s Lookalike: Oh my god…Scotty…

Scotty: Yes, that’s me.

Mary’s Lookalike: Scotty…my son…

Burt: What do you mean?

Mary’s Lookalike: I know who I am…I remember everything…

<Freeze frame on Burt and Scotty’s shocked faces>
Will Mallu be able to help Billy in court, and continue his winning streak? Will Mallu and Chester continue to fight over Jessica, or will she ever choose one of them? Will Danny help Gwen against the mob? Is Gwen really being chased by the mob? What is she really up to? What is wrong with Mary’s Lookalike’s health? And now that she seems to remember who she really is, who is she? These questions and many others will be answered on the next episode of