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August 24, 2003
A note from Elad: Some of you may have been wondering whether Soap Online will continue to be updated regularly with new episodes. Well, at this point I am still considering my options. I have enjoyed writing and posting new episodes, but the feedback that I have received from readers has been little to none. So, in order to decide whether I want to continue the series, I need your opinions. Please take a moment to e-mail me and tell me whether you want the site to continue. It all depends on you!

That having been said, Episode 31 is posted. Based on the answers to the poll I will decide whether to continue.

Welcome to Soap Online! This site is dedicated to continuing the story of the 1970's TV sitcom SOAP, through a fan-fiction series, that starts where the original series left in 1981.

Note: The characters in these pages are copyrighted to Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions. We are just using them to re-create the spirit of Soap. The actors whose pictures appear in the episode pages are not affiliated with this website. All parts of the site were written by the webmasters, and where appropriate, credit was and will be given to the original author.