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Soap Online Episode Summaries

Season 1
(Episodes 1-19)

Episode 1

Benson, on the way to the Tate house, reveals what has been happening to the Tates and the Campbells over the past 19 years: Jessica has been in a coma in Malaguay, Chester's been in an institution after trying to kill Danny and Annie, Jodie still thinks he's an old Jewish man, and Burt managed to ambush his enemies, and they didn't kill him; Benson arrives at the Tate house

Episode 2

Benson arrives at the Tate house, and is received happily by all, except Saunders; El Puerco and Juan One return with Jessica, who finds out that The Major has passed away and that Chester is in a mental institution; Burt is still grieving over Mary's death, 13 years ago; Jodie returns to his senses after Bob knocks him over the head with a plate; Jessica visits Chester in the mental institution; Chester begs Jessica to give him another chance, but she walks out; Wendy returns home; Wendy tells Jodie that she has a boyfriend, whom she'll bring to meet Jodie; Benson challenges Saunders to a contest to see who's a better butler, and the winner will be the Tates' butler

Episode 3

The Tates plan a welcome home party for Chester, who will be returning home tonight; Saunders serves Benson live escargots; Jodie meets Wendy's boyfriend, Charlie; Jodie and Wendy get into an argument when Jodie expresses his disliking of Charlie; Chester returns home; Wendy and Charlie meet the Tates; Chester starts dancing when he sees Danny and Annie; At Chester's welcome home dinner party, the family gets into an argument which turns into a food fight

Episode 4

Jodie confides in Burt about his problem with Wendy; Burt reveals to Jodie that Scotty will be returning home tomorrow, after being at boarding school; Chester interrupts Jessica and El Puerco's romantic plans; El Puerco re-challenges Chester to a duel; Annie decides to divorce Chester once and for all; Scotty returns home and does some strange things; Eunice takes Jessica to see The Major's and Mary's tombstones; Jessica tells Eunice that she thinks she's in love with both Chester and El Puerco

Episode 5

Annie hires E. Ronald Mallu to be her lawyer in her divorce case against Chester; Chester agrees to have Dutch train him for the duel against El Puerco; Benson and Saunders continue to fight; The governor and Gene re-offer Burt to run for senator and eventually run him for president; The Tates throw a welcome home dinner for Scotty; Mallu comes by to interview the Tates and is shocked by their nuttiness; When Scotty arrives, the family once again has a food fight; Corinne surprises everyone when she returns home unexpectedly

Episode 6

Corinne reveals to Jessica that she has run out of money; Jessica tells Corinne she is welcome at the Tate house; Dutch and Eunice have an argument when Eunice comes up with a sexual fantasy and Dutch refuses to cooperate; Corinne comforts Dutch after his argument with Eunice; Billy decides to return to college; Both El Puerco and Chester prepare for their upcoming duel; Eunice tells Jessica about her argument with Dutch; Corinne is secretive about why she was up all night; Jessica tells her daughters that she's worried about the duel; Mr. Franklin is revealed to be Chester's lawyer in the divorce case; Mr. Franklin tells Mallu that he'll see him in court; Mallu fears Annie has no chance in winning the case

Episode 7

Burt tells Jessica that he's been offered to run for senator, but he fears that Scotty may be an alien; Jessica tells Burt she doesn't think that Scotty can possibly be an alien; Charlie lies to Wendy when she asks where he was the night before; Danny announces to the Campbells that he plans on moving back home, since Mallu told him Annie has a better chance of winning the case if they're not seen together; Scotty shows some strange powers when he glues Bob's mouth shut; Scotty assures a worried Burt that everything is fine with him; Wendy confides in Jodie that she thinks Charlie may be cheating on her; Jodie advises Wendy to check up on Charlie, which Wendy does; The governor and Gene tell Burt that he must leave his family if he hopes to become senator

Episode 8

Saunders and Benson trash the Tate kitchen when they have a food fight; Eunice tells Jessica that she fears Dutch is having an affair; Jessica confronts Corinne about being out all night; Eunice tells Corinne she knows about her and Dutch, but Corinne tells Eunice she's being paranoid; Charlie manages to fool Wendy when she goes to check up on him; Jodie runs into Maggie at the laundromat; Maggie reveals that she was married but her husband left her for another man; Jodie and Maggie decide to go out for coffee; Danny and Annie meet in a motel, so that they won't be seen together by Chester; Burt decides to run for the senate after all and shows Jessica his speech; Jodie threatens Charlie when he catches him with another woman

Episode 9

Jodie tells Wendy that he's going out with Maggie, which excites Wendy; Jodie then tells Wendy he caught Charlie with another woman, but Wendy doesn't believe him and gets angry; Eunice almost catches Corinne and Dutch together, but Corinne hides in the refrigerator just in time; Chester single-handedly beats El Puerco in the duel; El Puerco leaves Dunn's River for good; Burt gets upset when the governor and Gene admit that they've been checking up on him; Burt decides not to run for the Senate after all; The aliens who kidnapped Burt send down Saul to kidnap Scotty and bring him back to their spaceship

Episode 10

The divorce case begins; The judge hates both Mallu and Franklin, since they've both beaten him before; Jessica testifies in Annie's favor; Mallu plans to win Jessica back once he wins the case; Chester decides to follow Annie when he thinks that Annie's been acting strange; Wendy dumps Charlie when she catches him with another woman; Burt reveals to Danny that he's lost his job as Lieutenant Governor; Danny tells Burt that he and Annie never broke up, and are actually sneaking around; Burt tries to warn Danny, but Danny runs off to meet Annie; Jessica decides it's time to choose between Benson and Saunders; Benson wins when he guesses the exact number between 1 and 10 that Billy was thinking of; Saunders swears to get revenge on Benson; Scotty is grabbed by a stranger

Episode 11

Dutch declares his love for Corinne; Eunice catches Corinne and Dutch in bed together; Dutch and Eunice decides to try and work out their problems; After following Annie, Chester catches her and Danny in bed together; Chuck and Bob, Burt, and Wendy interrupt Maggie and Jodie's date; Wendy tells Jodie that she caught Charlie with another woman; Jodie comforts Wendy and she apologizes for having doubted him; Benson and Chester have communication problems; Benson's breakfast explodes and he finds a note from Saunders threatening to kill him; Eunice finds a note from Dutch saying that he's left her in order to decide between her and Corinne; Eunice and Corinne decide to go find Dutch together; Chester asks Jessica out, but she says she'll think about it; Scotty finds himself on a spaceship; The aliens tell Scotty that one of them is his real father and that he can't leave the spaceship

Episode 12 - The Richard Mulligan Memorial Episode

Burt contemplates committing suicide because of the family's problems; Mary's ghost visits Burt and they reminisce about their years together; Burt decides not to kill himself after all, since he's too important for the family; Burt and Mary say their goodbyes and Mary returns to heaven

Episode 13

Annie testifies at the divorce hearing; Franklin humiliates Annie when he shows compromising pictures of her and Danny at a motel; Mallu worries about losing the case; Chester and Annie have a confrontation; Scotty tries to get Saul to help him escape the spaceship, but Saul refuses; Jessica throws a dinner party and invites the Campbells; Jessica has dinner catered when Benson is scared to step into the kitchen; Wendy is depressed about losing Charlie; The Tates are worried since they haven't heard from Corinne, Eunice or Dutch in days; Charlie tries to get Wendy back but she refuses; The Tates and the Campbells have another food fight; The door explodes in Benson's face and there's another threatening note from Saunders; The aliens decide to allow Scotty to return to Earth, but in return he'll have to give up his special powers; Scotty agrees; Scotty and Saul say their goodbyes; The aliens beam Scotty off the ship

Episode 14

Scotty tells Burt about being the spaceship; Scotty hides from Burt the fact that one of the aliens is his real father; Mallu makes Chester look crazy on the witness stand; Both Mallu and Franklin are confident they'll win; At a bar in Texas, Eunice and Corinne discover that Dutch has been in the area and continue to look for him; Danny and Chester come to blows before the judge announces the verdict; Chester and Mallu fight when Mallu asks Jessica to go away with him; The judge decides to rule in Annie's favor when he finds out that Chester was the person who took the compromising photos of Danny and Annie; Jessica allows Chester to stay at the Tate house until he gets some more money; Annie leaves Danny and Dunn's River when she decides to go on a world tour with the money she's won

Episode 15

Burt tries to comfort Danny after Annie leaves him; Chester and Danny make up and decide to spend some father-son time together; Leslie Walker is Billy's new teacher at college when his old teacher hurts herself; Leslie convinces Billy to go out with her; Maggie asks Jodie to marry her, but Jodie isn't sure that's what he wants; Chester and Jessica go to dinner together when Benson cooks fish, what Chester hates; Saunders comes by with a poisoned cake, but Benson doesn't fall for the trick; Corinne and Eunice check into an inn in Texas; Corinne and Eunice see a newscast, where the newscast reveals that Dutch is the main suspect in a string of murders that have taken place in the area

Episode 16

Wendy and Scotty confide their problems in each other, and plan to spend more quality time together; Mallu arrives at the Tate house to take Jessica out; Chester shows up and is stunned when Jessica tells him she'd rather go out with Mallu than him; Jodie tells Burt that Maggie wants to marry him but he's not sure that's what he wants; Danny is still depressed over Annie, and Burt suggests that he get a new job; Burt sees an ad in the paper saying that elections for the sherriff of Dunn's River will be held soon, and decides to run; Burt offers Danny to be his deputy again if he wins, which Danny accepts; Leslie and Billy end up in bed together; Leslie reveals a mysterious plot against Billy

Episode 17

Eunice visits Dutch in jail; Dutch swears to Eunice that he didn't committ the murders and begs her to believe him, which she does; Billy and Chester are unhappy when Jessica invites Mallu to the Tate house for dinner; Burt and Danny tell the Tates of their plan to run for sherriff and deputy; Not knowing about Saunders' plot, Mallu tells him where he can find Benson; Chester and Mallu get into a fight during dinner, but Jessica manages to separate them; Benson tries to shoot Saunders, but misses; Saunders manages to escape without being harmed; The Campbells have dinner in a fancy restaurant; Chuck and Bob have an argument with the waiter when he refuses to serve Bob; Charlie, who also works at the restaurant, tries to get Wendy to take him back; Burt and Danny begin their campaign in the restaurant; A food fight starts when Bob fights with the waiter; Corinne tells Eunice what she heard from the police commissioner; Eunice lies to Corinne and tells her that Dutch didn't talk about her during Eunice's visit with him; Corinne and Eunice decide to help prove Dutch innocent, and go to see Dutch; after they leave, a mysterious shadow appears in the window

Episode 18

Billy confides in Jessica that he is seeing Leslie again, and Jessica reluctantly agrees to let Leslie come and have Thanksgiving dinner with the family; Eunice and Corinne visit Dutch in jail; Dutch asks Corinne and Eunice to help prove that he was framed, which they agree to do; Corinne has an idea where to start helping Dutch; After Corinne and Eunice leave the police station, the mysterious shadow follows them; Jodie and Wendy go to have Thanksgiving dinner at Maggie's; Jodie and Maggie plan to matchmake between Wendy and Maggie's nephew, Mike Caldwell, but the plan fails when Wendy shows no interest in Mike; Wendy tells Jodie that she's not interested in men right now, but Jodie convinces her to be nice to Mike; Jodie and Maggie confess their love for each other; Mike convinces Wendy to go have a drink with him; The Tates get ready for Thanksgiving dinner; Benson arms himself with a bat; Chester is happy that Mallu isn't coming to dinner; Chester tells Burt that things at the construction company aren't good; Leslie arrives at the Tate house, and meets Scotty and Wendy for the first time; Saunders shows up at the Tate house and gives Jessica a gift; He then goes to find Benson; Jessica makes a Thanksgiving toast; Saunders almost gets caught trying to kill Benson when he's caught with a large kitchen knife, but convinces everyone he was helping Benson cut the turkey; A food fight ensues when Burt and Chester fight over a piece of turkey

Episode 19

Wendy invites Mike to a New Year's Eve party at the Tate House; Jodie tells Wendy about his plans to move in with Maggie; Corinne and Eunice meet a man named Alex, who gives them a lead on Dutch; They make plans to meet him later that night; After Corinne and Eunice leave, Alex talks to a mysterious person on the phone about their plans; At the Tates house, Chester is unhappy to learn that Mallu will be attending the New Year's Eve party; Leslie arrives at the party, followed by the Campbells; Saunders and a friend plan to kill Benson by planting a gun inside a vase that will go off at Midnight with Benson standing over it; A mysterious person wearing a costume arrives at the party; Corinne and Eunice meet Alex and he leads them into an apartment building; Danny and Chester grow closer; Burt and Jessica discuss Mary; Mike tells Wendy he's falling in love with her; Chuck, Bob, and Scotty are disappointed that they don't have anybody to dance with; The person in the costume asks Scotty to dance; Leslie leads Billy to a basement, where she pulls a gun on him and plans to kill him; Saunders' friend delivers flowers in hopes of getting Benson to stand over the vase at midnight; Benson takes the flowers and goes to the vase; Alex takes Corinne and Eunice into an apartment and pulls a gun on them; He then takes them into the next room where Corinne and Eunice get to meet his boss; Corinne and Eunice are shocked when they see the boss; Scotty and the woman in the costume dance in the Tate garden; The woman then kisses Scotty and proceeds to take off her mask; Scotty screams when he sees her face; Inside, the family watches the ball drop, and then the following people kiss: Jodie and Maggie, Mike and Wendy, Jessica and Mallu, and Chuck and Bob; Benson stands over the vase and is about the put the flowers in, when the lights go out and a gunshot is heard.